Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Man I Love Conference!

Hello my wonderful family and friends!!
Just checking in from Manado Indonesia! I actually am here and I sent pictures so those doubters(cough Spencer Jensen cough) can see that I did in fact move. I haven't gotten a really good picture of the beach at Sunset yet, but we'll snag one sometime. Also a lot of pictures from Zone Conference in Surabaya. We had a great week in Manado this week!
It ended great with General Conference! Although its always a little bit of a bummer to watch conference in Indonesian (not that I love Indonesian but I miss hearing the Prophet and Apostles' actual voices!). We had 7 friends come to conference which was really exciting - I hope they all felt the Spirit! I loved all the talks but especially President Nelsons about the Book of Mormon - it was just perfect for one of our investigators. Man I love conference.
Elder McWhorter(who is a stud) and I experienced many small miracles this week, most of them the Lord putting us just in the right place at just the right time. I will relate a few few your benefit.
1. Being a tad late to meet a member and seeing one of old investigators walk by at the precise moment.
2. Walking down one side of the street and seeing a man on the other side and Elder McWhorter going to talk to him because Elder McWhorter rocks. He doesn't have eyes at all. He was waiting for his wife and we invited him to wait at the church instead because we were going there for English Class. We ended leaving him there because we didn't want his wife to not find him. Then in the middle of English Class, he walks right in haha! Then the next day guess who walks in right in the middles of conference. He and his wife-we are going to go visit them this week.
3. Walking down the street just to see some people we had met previously to invite them to conference.
4. Our investigator calling over some random girls who wanted a photo with the bules(white guys). Ended up figuring out one was related t our investigator #bringingpeopletogether and they were interested and came to conference the next day.
5. My investigator in Jakarta was baptized!
So anyway lots of miracles. I really enjoy working with Elder McWhorter. We might get bikes this week which would be legit.
I just want to say how much I loved General Conference (if you don't know what general conference is, check it out!). I have a testimony that those men truly are prophets in a very literal sense called of God. I love hearing their words and their messages from God. Their testimonies of Jesus Christ are just so powerful. I add my testimony to theirs that he truly lives and as President Eyring says He truly did Atone for your sins. I love you all! I hope everything is going swell and that this next week will be the best one yet!

Elder Brown

Monday, September 25, 2017

Hello from Manado!!

Manado is GREAT!! It is SO different from everywhere else, just the feel is pretty different. It's more of a small town. Am I really that far away?? Wow.

I love it here already!  it's really beautiful. it's cool , so many people are Christian here, so it makes the way we work pretty different! It's been great so far. Elder McWhorter is one of a kind! He is a great missionary. He is so nice and fun and happy and he works really hard. His testimony is so  powerful - it is incredible!

But ya, last week was pretty crazy. I went on Tuesday to the mission home at Senopati and really enjoyed MLC there with all the Zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders and then slept in that house. In the morning, we flew to Surabaya and I got to work a day or so with Elder Siddoway and Wijaya, that was great!! I LOVED riding a bike again, even if it was only for a day!! Didn't feel the earthquake though, Then we had Zone Conference on Friday, which was really great!! We learned a lot. We've been doing a lot of role-play which is really helping us become more powerful teachers. One of the senior missionaries told me that elder McWhorter and I taught really well together, which was cool because we had never taught together at all before that.

Then on Saturday, we flew in to Manado and it is AWESOME!! It honestly feels more like Hawaii than Indonesia haha. I really love it though! We will see so many miracles here!! I am so excited.

Church was really great and the branch is cool! They usually have about 70 in attendance!

Anyways, everything is great.  Oh ya one thing more - it's interesting, because there are two houses here, so Elder McWhorter and I live alone, so that is a new experience for me!!
The house was really dirty when I came in, but we did some good cleaning!
I had to teach 3rd hour priesthood yesterday (I was told about 20 minutes before). We talked about family scripture study - so thank you for always being a great example of that!! You are amazing!!
I really like this new city but it is definitely different!! Here churches will play music and sermons over the loud speakers which is so different than in other cities haha!! I hope everything is going super great with everyone!!

So yeah everything is great!
Elder Brown

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Moving to Manado

Hello my good family and friends!!

I hope you all had a stupendous week full of happiness and heealthiness!

Exciting news of the week: President called to tell me that I am moving - I have been given a new assignment in . . . MANADO!! Which means that I am going off of Java! There are only two missionary areas that are off of Java -  Medan (on the island of Sumatra) and Manado (on the island of Sulawesi). So that's pretty cool! I don't know if you remember, Mom, but when i first recieved my mission call, we looked up all the crazy Indonesian food. Turns out that most of the crazy stuff we saw  is actually from Manado haha! It will certainly be an adventure to go off of Java and experience another side of the culture, though I will be very sad to leave Jakarta.

I told President Rowley last week that I wanted to stay in Jakarta until the end of my mission. Obviously President doesn't put too much weight in my advice haha. So no, he didn't listen to me, and i am sad to leave, but excited for a new adventure. Leaving everyone was really hard on Sunday. I took a lot of pictures after church. Goodbyes can always be rough.
But in other positive things - my new companion will be Elder McWhorter - who is a stud of a man. I will technically be finishing up his training, which in mission terms makes me a "step-dad", but he is way awesome so that will be great! I also have the chance to be in the same city as my old MTC companion Elder Bennet!! So that's cool and his companion Elder Wibowo is a super great guy too. I will be really sad to leave Elder Johnson - I have LOVED serving with him. He is a fantastic person, a great friend and a wonderful missionary. i'll miss him and the entire district a lot!! Jakarta really is amazing.

The week wasn't the most killer week we've ever had, but we still saw many miracles. One highlight of the week is that i was able to go on Exchanges with my good friend Elder Forston. We saw many miracles - we met so many cool people. we had the chance to give a new investigator a date for baptism, so Elder Johnson and his new companion Elder Hunt will help him progress towards that. Also we made an appointment with a contact and he brought four friends and we had a killer lesson in McDonalds! Even with the loud worldly music, I felt the Spirit strongly testify of the truths of the restoration.

One of our other progressive investigators came to church and he went in to the bathroom and was in there for a long time. When we eventually went in to check, we realized that he had just figured out how to put on his tie and he said "It's been a really long time since I've worn a tie" and we thought it was so cool that he wanted to wear his very best for the Lord. He also told us that he as stopped drinking tea and coffee and smoking (which are all parts of the the health code that we follow in our church) so that was great. We hope he can be baptized either this coming Sunday or the next!
SO yeah it was a really good week as always. It's really strange too be leaving Jakarta. I will certainly miss it. But on to another adventure!!

I love you all! I know the work I am doing here is truly the work of God, because I have seen so many changes in  my investigators, in my companions and in myself as we all have learned more about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it is true.

Love Elder Brown

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The only bearded missionary

Selamat hari Senin semua teman dan keluarga terkasihku!
Or as we say in the States Happy Monday my beloved friends and family!

I hope everyone had an awesome week! I hope everyone is happy and healthy! We had a pretty good week this, actually a week that was luar biasa!

We had a lot of fun. There was a companionship that was struggling in our zone and we gave the what I have began to call (or right at this moment will begin to call) the "Perfect-Missionary Challenge". So we decided that for this week we would do our very best to do everything just like a perfect missionary would do it - so 100% exact obedience, talking to EVERYONE, and the like. Then every night we would call and report how well we did. and I am certainly not a perfect missionary but it certainly helped the four of us do better this. It was great! Many times I didn't want to talk to someone but I did because I knew I needed to be a better missionary and I saw many miracles :)

One cool miracle we saw this week - we did a district fast on Saturday for our investigators. Elder Johnson and I just about died but with great perseverance (and a tad of complaining:) we managed to endure. And within 30 minutes of breaking our fast, the two investigators that we had fasted for texted us to tell us that they would come to church! And they both did! Yay! I know that as we sacrifice, we can receive the gift of faith and strength from God. Even with just a small sacrifice, God blessed us SO much. That was a really great experience!

Church was another miracle - we were sitting in the English ward and in walks one of our old investigators out of the blue. That was way exciting. He told us that He had been in Malaysia for the last two months. So that was  really great, and he even brought a friend! It was great.

We found some new people to teach and had to drop some of our old investigators. #evilcunningnessofsatan that's always a bummer, but the Lord is preparing people to receive our message, I know that!

Another thing that happened - i developed some kind of skin condition on my face... ya not fun haha. BUT, what it means, is that I have a beard. I know that was a little abrupt, but because of the scabs and stuff Sister Rowley told me not to shave so I am officially in the mission and potentially in the world haha. So that's kind of funny. But don't worry, it's pretty much healed up, so I should be unbearded again soon! So no worries :) I'll send pictures of my beard haha. It's kind of lame because I don't really look like a missionary, so hopefully it will come off soon, so I can be a better representative of Christ... but than again almost every representation of Christ has a beard... I don't think President Rowley would go for that logic though haha.

Oh ya, one other cool experience we had. We were trying to inspire a companionship of Sisters in our zone, so we just called them up and asked what their plans were. They were planning to go contacting in the kampung (meaning they would walk around and ask people for other people to teach, then you go visit them - actually works pretty well). Anyways that was the same thing that we were planning on doing, so I said "Oh great, well we have a goal to find two new investigators and we want to give the same challenge to you." but the only thing was we realized we only have an hour and a half because we had an appointment later that day. So we just decided to pray and work our hardest with faith. We ended up finding four new investigators. I share this story just to show how much this truly is the Lord's work and not ours. Faith is truly a powerful thing. We believed that the Lord could lead us to people prepared to receive and because of that faith,  we went to go find those people and the Lord blessed us so that we could find them. Really this work cannot be done with out the Lord. IT cannot be done with out His direction.

Anyway, life is really great!! I hope that everyone is having such a great day! and you all have a great week! I know that as I saw throughout my week, the Lord is truly aware of us and He really wants to help us all in the things that are important to us. He wants to help us do that which is right in His sight. I know He loves us. And that is why I am in Indonesia telling everyone about a loving God who cares enough to give us guidance today, who cares enough to call a prophet and build His church on the earth.

I love you all so much!

Elder Trevor Brown


Monday, September 4, 2017

Kebebasan Untuk Milah

Hello to the world!!

How was the week?? Did everyone smile and sing and laugh and just love life? I hope so! I also hope everyone had a chance to help someone else this week!

For us the week was pretty biasa (or as we say in America - normal). But also great as always!! The beginning of the week is honestly just a blur. I pretty much can't remember it haha. Time has been weird lately - my time in Malang seems like it was merely days ago, but the beginning of this week feels like it was years ago.

Well one really notable thing is that we had the chance to split on Friday. We brought up Elder Fowler and Elder Widigdo from Bekasi. I got to go on Splits with Elder Fowler (my good friend who was my District Leader back in Malang). It was AWESOME. Tons of fun! We had some great experiences together with a healthy dose of miracles. Two guys we found out in the kampung (or like the more neigborhoody part) were really awesome. One of them, who seemed like he was about to violently reject our entire message, took the Kitab Mormon and said "I'm so excited to read this, it will help me re-strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ" And I was like "Yeah it will!!" Two great lessons about how to not judge others and to never underestimate the power of truth from God!

I learned so much from Elder Fowler, even though he is nearing the end of his mission, he is still working so hard and is such a wonderful example of pure love for those he serves. He also said the split helped him as well, which boosted my confidence and made me feel great!

Our investigators are doing well, but some have been difficult to meet with. Pak F came to church and i think he really enjoyed it. It was really cool - he and  Brother B (who was baptized recently) had a cool talk where they basically testified to each other about the truth that is found in the restored church of Jesus Christ. So that was great.

We got a new Uskup (Bishop today) - Uskup Daniel. He is awesome and we are excited about that! We also got to attend the baptism of an 8 year old in the English Ward. Good Sunday!

SO yeah we are working hard, because we know that there truly are people here that God is preparing to receive the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our new Bishop was supposed to teach in Gospel Principles class (which is the Sunday School class that is mostly intended for people invsestigating the church and for new members) but obviously he was otherwise occupied. So he asked me to teach for him. I had the opportunity to teach about "Kebebasan Untuk Milih" or "The Freedom to Choose". That was really fun because I love that subject. I don't know if anyone else learned, but I certainly did, about Free Agency and how we are all free to choose what we will do and as consequence where we will go and who we will become. It is really incredible, after all is said and done, it is truly up to us. 

And because of Jesus Christ, we truly can choose. Because of his redeeming power, if we want to repent, if we want to become better, we CAN. As we trust in and believe in Jesus Christ, we are given the power to choose our destiny, in a very literal sense. Every choice will bring us closer to Christ or further away from him. As we yield to te enticings of the Holy Spirit (as we learn in Mosiah 3:19) and make the right choices, we can become who God desires us to be. I'm sorry, i don't mean to preach, but it is such a sign of God's love for us that He allows us to choose. I know that Jesus truly suffered for our sins so that we can repent. I testify that each of us CAN choose what is right and we can become who we desire to be, and if we desire, we can become who God wants us to be.

So let's all make good choices :)

Everyone have an amazing week!!


Elder Brown

Saturday, September 2, 2017

All things Indonesian

Hello my wonderful family!!!

I hope you are happy and smiling and laughing and loving :)

A lot of great things happened this week for us. It was actually a week with lots of ups and downs. kind of a hard week in some ways but totally an AWESOME week in most ways.

One hard thing was that both Elder Johnson and I had some sicknesses, but we are mostly over them (meaning I am fully over it and Elder Johnson is not, poor guy). On top of all that Elder Johnson even got an eye-infection. The struggle is real.

But besides all of that, we had a good week. We started everything with Tuesday on with an awesome time at MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and we learned so much. We did a bunch of role plays and learned a ton about how we can teach so much better than we have been. It's interesting, because this is the work of the Lord and the Holy Spirit is the only one who can truly teach to their hearts. But we learned so much about how we can teach better to bring the Spirit and to help our investigators feel that Spirit. It was great and we were really stoked to put it into practice.

The only issue was that the next day we had DTM at Senopati and then we had a meeting at Senopati at 5:00 with President Djarot the Stake President of the Jakarta Stake and that was all super good, but the problem is Senopati (which is the Church offices in Indonesia) is not even in our area. So we spent all of both Tuesday and Wednesday away from our area which can always be rough. But on a side note, Wednesday night, President Rowley invited Elder Johnson and I to go eat dinner with him and Sister Rowley. That was just a really great experience to be able to talk to them in a informal setting. They are really amazing people with many really cool stories.

But the rest of the week we saw a lot of miracles. Sadly our friend got sick so she wasn't able to come to church. That was a bummer, but she's still doing really great! We went to go teach them and it was so great. As we walked up, we saw through the window that she was sitting reading the Book of Mormon. My heart just about melted haha.

And then today after Church, we didn't really have a good plan. it had been kind of a rough week and I feel the Lord really just put things in place for us. We were able to find 5 new investigators. Two of whom were from a Island in Eastern Indonesia. We just had a really powerful lesson with them and they committed to read the Book of Mormon!!

So yeah great week. I wish I had an abundance of funny stories t tell to make you laugh your heads off, but I can't think of a single thing.

But this week I have gained a testimony of second chances. We all mess up and sometimes it feels like we're just too far gone. Its too late to fix it. But it's not!! Because of Jesus Christ we can have clean slates, we can have second chances. It is NEVER too late. You haven't been the Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, worker, student, boss, disciple you want to be? Change it now. You can! With the help of God, there is absolutely nothing that is impossible! 

Stephanie told me once "It is never the wrong time to be who you want to be." 

It is so true and we truly CAN become the people we want to be! I know that is true. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind. He lived and died for us and He truly does live again.

I love you all so much.
Have an amazing week. Be a little kinder, help others a little more and be happy :)

Love Elder Brown

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Why I Am Here

Hello my wonderful family!!!

How are you all?? How was this week?! I hope it was amazing! I hope you all laughed and sang and smiled and maybe even cried a bit (but definitely not too much crying!). And most, I hope you made some else laugh and sing and smile (but not cry haha).
Wow I just love you all so much!

Okay so highlight of the week - Pak B was baptized this Sunday!! As in yesterday, that is! It was so great, all throughout Church the members were SO accepting and welcoming to him! Our Elder's Quorum President had him stand up and introduced him and he was mentioned and welcomed in the Sacrament talks and also it was a great Baptismal service after. He asked me to baptize him, which was a great honor! He's elderly, but he's still strong so there weren't any problems. Anyway he is so great and he is so funny. He made us all laugh during Gospel Principles. Anyways, it was just a really great experience!
But the rest of our week was just crazy - sadly we had a lot to do that took a lot of time from our actual missionarry work.
So this is kind of a short summary of our week:

Monday: P-day, didn't do that much just kind of relaxed and then had a good appointment that night.

Tuesday: We went to Bekasi to interview one of the Bekasi Elders' Investigators for Baptism. She was really prepared and had a strong testimony. Great experience!

Wednesday: We went to be interviewed by President in preparation for PLD (or Zone Conference with President). In West Java, we combine both the Jakarta Zone (Jakarta, Bekasi, Medan) and the Batagor(Bandung, Tangerang, Bogor) Zone. IT was way fun because I also had to get my Kitas ( a part of the visa) so my entire MTC group came in and we went together to get our Kitas renewed. It was SO fun to see all of them. Wow, they are all so amazing! Such incredible missionaries and people! It was just wonderful to see them all - it took us back to the great times together in the MTC. So after that we also had interviews and we had to order all the food for PLD, so that took a lot of time which was frustrating, but it was important as well!

Thursday: we went on splits with the District leader and his companion. I got to go with Elder Tracy ( who is an amazing person and great friend ). We went and interviewed Pak B, because we literally could not find a workable time with our District Leader Elder Gasio. So that was great and then we had to go back and pick up another missionary because they had come from Bandung for interviews and we didn't want them just wandering around Jakarta themselves. I was with Elder Sukarlis, which was WAY fun, since I haven't seen him much since Magelang days.
Friday: PLD. This was great - we learned a lot about how to teach like the Savior! It was great. Elder Johnson and I did a role play and it was great because President was able to give us specific council about how to improve our teaching. We learned a ton and it is always such a blessing to be with all the amazing missionaries in our mission.

Saturday: President asked us to speak at the Stake Ward Mission Leader and Bishopric meeting - a little nerve-wracking haha but great. And then we got roped into translating for the general priesthood session - which was great, but again a lot of time. We filled up the baptismal font while this was happening. Later that night, about 10:00, Elder Johnson turned to me and said "Elder, we forgot too turn off the water." My heart just dropped. SO we had to make the call of shame to the Assistants, jump in a taxi go turn it off and get home. Got to bed a bit late haha. But thankfully a wise man had designed the baptismal font to self drain and nothing was flooded!
Sunday: great day with Church and Brother B's baptism!

It was a sweet experience to see Pak B be baptized and to hear his testimony and see how he has changed. It just reminds me of why I am here doing this. I am here to bring others unto Christ the Savior of the world. I have been thinking about Mosia 2:41 and about the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments of God. I just know that God loves us. We ARE His work and His glory. Everything He does is truly for us. And He has given us the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all the commandments to bless US. not for himself, but for US! Isn't that amazing?
I know that as we follow His path, that is what will bring us the MOST happiness in life.

I love you all SO SO much!! Have a fantastic week!! and don't forget to share smiles with everyone you meet :)

Love Elder Brown

Monday, August 7, 2017

Splits with whip cream and syrup

We had a pretty crazy week.
Monday was biasa aja(just normal). Elder Johnson likes to just rest and take it easy on p-days, so we just emailed, cleaned and slept/wrote some letters. So hopefully you all will be getting some soon (sorry I'm pretty bad at that haha). 

Selasa(Tuesday) was pretty great. We spent the night at the Assistants house on Monday and went on splits with them on Tuesday. I got to go with my good friend Elder Grundvig, who is a STELLAR missinary. It was a ton of fun. At one point, we had an appointment at the church but we awkwardly realized that we didn't have keys to the church right before our appointment, so we had to find somewhere to sit down to teach. We saw this cafe and we went in but we thought we have to buy something. it was all SUPER expensive, so we got the cheapest thing, not really knowing what it was haha. never the best idea. Luckily it wasn't beer or Champagne like Steph experienced but it was this one tiny thing that cost twenty times what we usually paid for it uggh haha. But it was a good appointment. We also got to teach a referral that I had given to them, so that was cool. Anyways just an all around great day, awesome to work with Elder Grundvig. 

Then that night, we made... WAFFLES!! Because the assistants have a waffle iron, but they have never used it! We were all stoked, we bought syrup and REAL whipped cream. Sadly we are all terrible at making waffles, so it was kind of a disaster. But hey, you put whipped cream and syrup on anything, it's pretty delicious!

Wednesday and Thursday were just normal.
On Friday, we brought our Bekasi District Leader Elder Forston (who is my beloved friend from the MTC) and his new companion, fresh from the states Elder Earl up to split with them. It was awesome!! I got to go with Elder Earl - he is a way cool kid from Utah. Super positive and just a great missionary. We had an awesome and quite unique day haha We had four different appointments at the church and also taught English Class. So we were just at the church pretty much the entire, which is a good thing because we were teaching the entire day, but it was definitely weird to be at the church that long. it was great though - we found a new investigator and taught some other investigators that are progressing. We also saw some miracles as we tried to use our 10 and 30 minute breaks to go outside and contact people! 

Then after that day, we went back to Bekasi and do splits on Saturday with another companionship in Bekasi! That was way fun - I got to go with Elder Gomez, an Elder from the Philippines. That was way fun. He's still pretty new, but a great missionary. He was trained by my boy Elder Hansen, so of course he is way fantastic. So anyways a lot of fun! We had a good time and we felt the Spirit leading us.
But the thing is on Sunday- I was WAY tired. I was just dead. Elder Johnson and I were walking around contacting that evening and I felt like I almost fainted (then again it was also Fast Sunday haha)! But we had a great Sunday! four simpatisan came! Brother B should be getting baptized next week, so that is pretty exciting! 

We had a pretty crazy experience and we kind of have a feeling that we've been getting phone calls from an Angel haha. we don't know if anything will come from it, but there was just too many coincidences, so we will follow up on that for sure haha. just kind of a cool experience.

Whether or not that was from the Spirit guiding us or not, I do know that the work we are doing is truly the work of God. I know that He leads this work. I know that Jesus Christ is truly our Savior and He loves each and every one of us. And because He loves us, He called Joseph Smith to be a prophet so that the true and living Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in its fullness. I know that Christ leads this Church and I know He leads this work. I'm so grateful for the chance I have to be part of it! It is incredible.
I love you all and I hope you all have an amazing week.

Elder Brown

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I love my Savior Jesus Christ

Hey Mommy!
It's been a bit rough this week with finding those other three, we have one who made a baptismal commitment but didn't make it to church so we were kind of bummed about that. But hopefully there is sincere desire and commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

Elder Boenari lives in Bekasi which is really just a section of Jakarta. His English is good, but my Indonesian has also become much better since those days haha!

A lot of really good things happened this week. MLC was this week - that was a great meeting that I hope will inspire us all to work harder, have greater faith and rely more on the Lord! We also went on a split with the Jakarta District Leader this last week. I went with ELDER Daniel Gasio. He is AWESOME! I loved the time we spent together! It was a great day!! We also had some good lessons! We got to teach a pastor which was pretty fun - we'll see him again next week!
PB came to church again, so we were glad about that! We think he will be ready to be baptized in a couple of weeks.

So everything is going great, sorry I can't really think of anything else.

I am really working on my ability to follow the Spirit and rely on the Lord. It's hard!! I think a large part of it is just why am I here and really what is motivating me to be here. Also the love I have for the Lord and for the people here!

Anyway, I love you all so much!! I miss you!
I know that we are truly God's children - each of us and that He loves us and I want to share that with everyone. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that He also loves all you as well!!
Have an amazing week!!

Elder Brown

Ate some awesome food!

Got a package from Stephanie!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Call up the Mormon Missionaries!

We had kind of a rough week with a lot of things that fell through - but also a lot of success when we look back at the week!  a lot of great experiences, which I'm having a hard time thinking of right now haha... We had one miracle on monday night, where we had no idea what to do and we prayed that someone would pick up their phone... and then... they did not pick up their phones haha! So we decided to go look for an old investigator with a non clear address and when we stopped at the wrong house to ask if that was the right address, they ended up letting us in and letting us share about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. One Doddie Latuharhary, turns out is a semi famous singer from Ambon which is East Indonesia! Look him up on youtube haha! So that's kind of awesome!! 

Life is just really great!  This week our investigator came to church and he was telling everyone that he is getting baptized on the 30th of July so that was cool!! We'll be helping him get ready for it! We have a goal in our Zone to baptize 6 people in July, which is much more then ever before since I've been here. We are on track for 5 and Elder Johnson and I feel that we as the zone Leaders just need to make it happen, so we are working really hard!

But it is greeat!!! We met some great people and I certainly strengthened my own testimony of this restored gospel and the reality of God the Father and Jesus Christ.. I know they are truly real and they live and what's more they love and care about us. If you have doubts about that - call up the Mormon missionaries and we'll help you know how you can know that too and find the peace and joy and happiness that comes in consequence of that knowledge! I love you all so much!!

Elder Brown

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Path to Eternal Happiness

Man those Nephites - what are they thinking??

Sounds like a great week! I'm so proud of you for doing all ... Elder Gasio says hi... the things you do to help and bless others' lives, even if it is just visiting someone's yard sale where no one else went. i love you! You are incredible!!

Go DADDY - of course he did a great job! I'm so proud of your work at the prison!

Actually I didn't know Drew asked President haha - President was very specific during Zone Conference that family visits were not allowed!
Biggest news is - we have someone getting baptized! This Saturday We are very excited!!

We had a great PLD last week and we will have MLC - Mission Leadership Council - this week! that will be great!

A lot of our investigators didn't make it to church which we were bummed about, but it was probably good, becuase Jakarta 3 (the english ward) was mixed with Jakarta 2 this week,so I had to translate for the Bules - that was hard haha! But fun!
We played Futsol with one of our investigators- it was fun and I was way not good and he was WAY good haha! So fun!

So we just had a great week! And really enjoyed teaching and meeting with other missionaries. We need to work harder next week but it's so great to see miracles happening!  I am excited because I know that baptism will begin a path of life, that while not easy will be FULL of happiness and joy! It is amazing to see someone changing and coming close to God and Jesus Christ and see the change and happiness in them! I know that God our Father truly cares about us, each and every one, and He desires to help us and to lead us on the path to eternal happiness, as we return to him. I love Jesus Christ and I know that through him we are truly able to change!!
I love you all so much!! While I miss you , I know the work I am doing is the work of God!

Love Elder Brown

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Beyond Blessed

This week was great!1 The birthday was great! Here in Indonesia, you buy other people stuff so I got all of us Martabak which is a incredibly delicious and fattening pancake/ cake thing!! It was great! Then the next say I had an awesome split with my good friend Elder Forston! He is awesome!!! We had some really cool experiences re-challenging our investigators to baptism!
Elder Subagio and I worked hard and met some cool people!!!
I just have such a testimony that the Gospel was created by a loving heavenly father to bless US. It blesses families. It strengthens families!!! 

There is nothing else in the world that will bless your lives greater than the teachings of Jesus Christ that have been restored to the Earth by His living prophets!
My family  has been beyond blessed by the gospel! I love Jesus Christ! I am serious I testify and teach so often about how the Gospel blesses families because I have seen it in ours!! I have such a testimony of how what our parents do and teach us can bless our lives for eternity.
I have challenged so many families to read the Book of Mormon and pray together as a family like the two of you taught me my whole life. Dad, you are just such an incredible example to me and you looked way good in that suit!! Happy Fathers Day!!!
And I love all of you!!

Elder Trevor Brown

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Atonement is All about Change

So this week was great!

Thank you EVERYONE for the birthday wishes - I will try to respond to them all - I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!
We started off well by destroying the other Elders and Sisters in Bowling! That was great!!! Got some free Es Buah (which is this delicious fruit soup stuff) for it!
We also got to take two new missionaries Elder Park and Elder Hart on splits for a couple days! I was with Elder Hart from the great state of California - it was super great! We had  a good time! He is awesome and was really brave even though his language is still new - I learned a ton from him. Haha i just about left him at the train station. I started running and he maybe didn't and I jumped on, then held the door, but got kinda shoved away from the door, so he jumped on and the door tried to close on him and I had to grab him and yank him in haha. It was pretty awesome!
We taught a lot of people this week! We had 6 people come to church which is miraculous in itself and it was relly cool - the members were great!! One member said "Elder, golden investigators." We had a really good lesson with one friend and he said "Is it really okay for me to baptized again??" so we taught him about the Restoration of the  Priesthood and authority of God and then said "So what do you think?"  I really hope the spirit testified to him in the moment. A lot of good progress with our simpatisans. I'm trying to see them and love them as God does.

This week we have an activity with the YSA in Jakarta to learn Sign language together to help support our investigator who is way cool!

I thought a lot about change this week! It's so sad that some people think they are the way they are or they are in the situation they are in and it can't be changed. But the whole reason for the Atonement is change! I just have this testimony that the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible to change and become better. I love something Steph taught me "It is never the worng time to be who you want to be" I know that we can change and that is an incredible gift in and of itself! I love you all - you are incredible!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Plowing Through It!

Life is so good Mom! Sorry I don't tell you a ton because I just have so many things to write!!  It's good to here that they still remember me in Liberty Lake!

Last Pday we rode tandem bikes to Taman Mini which is this huge park with a ton of cultural stuff there. But also because of Ramadan, a lot of it was closed!

So my investigators- a lot of them don't want to make commitments, but they're all such amazing children of God, It's a privilege to work with them! I love them!
One investigator is making really great progress. We were teaching and then he just went and explained everything a bout Joseph Smith and the Restoration and we were just like "WOW. I guess he has been understanding everything." That was way cool and we gave him a baptismal date for the 9th of July! That's cool! The hardest thing is getting people to come to church because that actually takes some work and commitment! But its really good too! The ward here is awesome! We'll just move forward with greater faith!

We need to put forth more effort and rely on the Spirit more! We have such great potential in Jakarta - it's incredible!!

I was sick all week but not too bad, just "plowed through it" like President Rowley says!
We rode a lot of trains and busses and walked a lot! 

I got my birthday package!! Thank you SO much! That is all incredible - especially the Summer Sausage! Incredible!

I love you so much!! 

Love Trevor

Monday, May 22, 2017

it's really impossible not to be happy and excited

I was actually just going to ask you about Brendan!! Great you got to see him and Conner - every time you see anyone, tell them I love them! I was also wondering if you could tell me how Zoe and Kylee and Bethany and those guys are doing! Also who are the people graduating in our ward this year?
If you don’t mind, I'm just going to jump into highlights from my week! It was a good week!
It was SO great to talk to you all last week - like Heaven on Earth :)

It was super fun to be a threesome with Elders Subagio and Grundvig last week and now it's nice to be just the two of us again. We totally thought Elder Subagio was moving - but turns out not - yay!
We met a lot of realy cool people this week! Many of whom were actually referrals from Elders Bell and McKeon who are some pretty fantastic missionaries!  We now have 5 people committed to be baptized and more on the way! They are not quite ready yet, but as we work together, I am so excited to see these amazing people come closer to our Saviour Jesus Christ through faith and repentance and when they are ready baptism! Wahoo!
We met a really cool guy from Africa! He randomly showed up to Stake Conference - pretty miraculour, because he showed up to the normal building and coincidentally another brother visiting from America showed up too but no one was there! So together they figured out it was stake conference and showed up together! Then, that night, we taught the man from Africa and at the end of the lesson he said "I would like to baptized... next week". So that was really cool! His faith in Jesus Christ is INCREDIBLY strong! It was a privilege to get to teach and learn with him and I'm excited to see his progression!
Life is just so good! I love seeing the truth change people's lives! So many people are just searching and they just want to come closer to God and find truth and every day I get to share my personal testimony that Jesus Christ lives and has restored His truth to the earth. It's pretty awesome!
Some other good things:
I bought a backpack a couple weeks ago- it's super awesome!
I made biscuits MoM!! i had no shortening a, so I used oil and it actually turned out a lot like yours - they were way good!
We have a big, mission wide meeting with Elder Soares this week - that will be so fun!!! I'm stoked about that!
I've been working really hard to be kinder and happier and love more! Elder Bell taught me that faith really affects our attitude - and if we are focusing on our faith, it's really impossible not to be happy and excited to share this wonderful restored gospel with those around us!!
I just love ALL of you so much and as much as I miss you - I know I am supposed to be here serving my brothers and sisters in Indonesia!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Brown

LOVE hearing about it all from Regionals! Big bummer for Bryce!

Monday, May 8, 2017

ALL these people are Children of God!

YES!!! GO BRYCE!! Tell him I 'm stoked for Districts!


I love the flags - they are great!! I need to buy myself an Indonesian flag too!
SO yeah, both wards, we only really go to the sacrament meeting for English ward and then we've been teaching our investigator between English and Indonesian Sacrament meetings! Then usually the members will give us food to eat afterwards! In this country they kind of just hang out after church haha!
SO IT'S PRETTY POLLUTED- in Jakarta, you don’t get tan, you kind of just stay white even though it's real hot. Because of the pollution that is. But it's not too bad!
I'm way excited for Sam and Alice! YOU GO!!!

This was a great week! We had a lot of things go well! We found lots of investigators and challenged many to be baptized! A lot accepted, though the majority of them we haven't set a date yet, but that's coming! I love it! I feel a greater love here than I did in my other cities and I think that's just in part me growing up. Also it comes from just the knowledge that ALL these people are the children of God! IT's so true and an amazing thing when you think about it!
We did Splits with the District Leader in Bekasi (which is like a suburb of Jakarta) and that was way good!! We've been working hard and doing new things which is fun! We're trying to work hard to work together with the ward better and help them become stronger!

I love you guys! I think about you every day. I was sitting on a bus and thinking about you Mom and then I was like "there is this man next to me and as much as I would love to think about my Mother, I have left my Mother to bless these people. So if I'm going to be here, I better be doing all I can to make it worth missing my Mom" So I talked to him! And that's just the principle of sacrifice- you sacrifice your all to the Lord and do what HE wants you do to! and as I see it more with a consecrated mindset., it has helped me so much to work harder and give it my all!!

I just love you all so much! I love it here! I'm happy healthy and excited to share the things that I love here!

Love Elder Brown 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

We love the first Prompting!

Mother, Elder Subagio and I - we LOVE the first prompting - we talk about that part of the talk all the time AND in MLC(the leadership meeting) AND in PLD(the Zone meeting with PResident)! So it sound like you and President and the Spirit are well in tune!! 

I got sick right before I came but I realized today that I feel just great! I grabbed one clean shirt - it was SO white!! Wow!! No need to send more yet ... maybe later but I'll probably just buy them here if I need to! Sorry I used personal money recently - I was tempted (and taken in) by Jamba Juice and Quiznos - I mean who knew those existed in this country haha!

As for the birthday - I can't think of anything - I don't really need anything - but what would be really delicious is if you could send delicious cheese (cheese here is just sad- but then again there is really good cheese here and although it is expensive - probably still cheaper than you buying and sending it) and summer sausage! I'm not positive but I think both of those things could potentially make it still good through the postage. But then again maybe not through customs. If you do send candy or stuff, put it in Ziplocs because ants here and vicious and very very industrious haha! But really I will love ANYTHING you send - most important is pictures of my neice and all of you (just a couple new ones). If I don't get a package no biggie mom! Love you!
Great work on the family history!!

So sad about Rusty - hope we find him!

Just some highlights of my week!

PLD or Zone Conference - Elder Subagio and I were in charge of setting everything up and the food - so we ate... DOMINOS PIZZA!! ya!! It was way good (though not as good or as big as American!) I ate 12 slices - which was two medium pizzas (Yes Drew, be proud!) though I think  a medium here is more like a small there! Sister Rowley was very impressed and she asked - are you full ? and my answer was "Ya, not really" haha! On that note- I got to see 6 of my MTC group - two of whom for the first time since the MTC and they ALL said that I am fat! So we're working on that :)

It was really great- we learned a lot!! Elder Meredith of the 70 randomly showed up - he was really cool and he taught us a lot from the scriptures from MArk 2 and other places!! It was cool! I was a little nervous because I was the one conducting. It was cool though - he told me good job :) Then the next day, Elder Bell woke up pretty sick and he said "Elder Brown - I have to speak today - will you speak for me?" But it was in the English ward so that was a little weird. So I really didn’t have time to prepare before we had to leave. But man it was a cool experience - I learned SO much about my Savior as I thought about it and prepared a bit on the way!

Wow I just know with all of my heart that Jesus Christ really did live and He really did suffer for ALL of our sins and our sicknesses and our pains- everything! and it was only possible because of His incredible love for us! I love Doctrine and Covenants 18: 10-14 or so. "The worth of souls is great in the sight of God!" WOW! IT's incredible! I shared my favorite poem about "THe Touch of the Masters Hand" - THank you mom! And that line from the hymn "A Green Hill Far Away" "we cannot know, we cannot tell what pains he had to bear, but we believe it was for us He hung and suffered there." I believe that!! It's incredible!

After my talk (with Elder Meredith attending and President Rowley showing up halfway through), Elder Meredith told me that I did a great job and I had a good command of the scriptures - that actually made me feel so good! So never lose a chance to give a compliment and make someone else's day!

We also found some awesome people this week - or more exactly some other awesome missionaries found really cool people that live in our area haah! I want to learn sign language  - there is a fantastic sister in the English ward that is fluent and helps us!!

Hey I love you all! Life is great!! I hope you have an amazing week!1


Elder Brown

WOW all of them are awesome! Way proud of Sam and Ryan Rehkow! That's fantastic ! And Austin too!
GO Alice!!

If you have time please find out what happened to Bryce! And if he is vaulting tellking him I'm sheering him on and if not - I just love him!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Elder Trevor Brown in Jakarta

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Elder Trevor Brown: I'm still learning a lot about how to work in a public transport area -We contact a lot on busses, I try really hard and the Spirit helps! Yesterday, twice in a row, I was sitting next to someone and I was way tired and I knew I should contact them. Both times, I held back but then listened to promptings of the spirit and turns out both times they were Christian and they wanted to listen and were both interested!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hardwork = 5 Hours on the Bus in Hot, Humid Jakarta

So I am here! The holy land (not).
But it is the center of the mission - we're close to the mission home and to President and the Assistants - it's a lot of fun!
This place is SO different than any other place I've been - Malang and Magelang are two of the smallest cities in the mission and relatively cool - Jakarta is GINORMOUS and not relatively cool haha!
And the work is WAY different here! Because we don't have bikes it takes a LONG time to get anywhere - so macet (traffic)! Wow! And that's also how we contact in general we just ride busses around - you pay 3.5 thousand to get on(about 25 cents) and then you can ride for as long as you want to wherever you want without paying as long as you stay in the system - it's really  cool! But it can also get really tiring and hard! A lot of the time you have to stand and sometimes its so crowded you can barely move! My first day here all of our appointments fell through and we rode on buses contacting for about 5 hours straight! Wooh!! So it can be hard but it is also way fun!!
My companion Elder Subagio is awesome - he is so cool and funny!!! Man he's a great guy - he's from Bogor hes my age and he goes home in September! It was also super fun because we got new missionaries and so we're in a threesome with Elder Nordwald fro Missouri until he gets his papers and stuff- he visa waited in my cousin Alex's mission in Logan Utah and now he's going to be trained by Elder Ostermiller!! He's way cool!!
Tomorrow we have MLC (Mission Leadership Council) with all the Zone Leaders and President and the Assistants! I'm way excited to see all the things that I will learn and I also get to see my Surabaya Zone Leaders and some other friends! Sweet!!
Life he is good! We cover the English ward and it was way weird to have church in English and then with Indonesian makes for a lot of church! Also it means that we take all English investigators (well us and the other missionaries that live with us) so yesterday we went to Bogor to teach someone who is a refugee from Afghanistan! It was WAY hard to teach in English but way fun!!
Life is good! I'm happy and I'm pumped to share the gospel!!! I just know that it is the truth and I know the truth truly does set us free... and make us happy and bring us peace and bring us closer to the source of ALL truth - our Father in Heaven!!! ANd I know that this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is lead in truth by Jesus Christ through a living prophet!!
I love you all and hope you have an AWESOME WEEK!!!!

Elder Brown

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Jakarta Bound Elder Brown

Ya we're changing a lot - Sister Xiao and I are going to Jakarta and Elder Hansen to Manado!
Elder OStermiller will become district leader and train!! Wahoooo!!
I'm going to Jakarta to be a Zone Leader there which is really scary because I still don't know how to be a good missionary and definitely not a good district leader and now I'm called to be a Zone leader - I'll just have to rely on the Lord more than ever!!
Jakarta is definitely a LOT bigger city than Malang and Magelang! And a lot hotter!! But I'm way excited!!! The only things I'm not stoked about are in Jakarta 
1. You don;t ride bikes and 
2. the food is expensive :( But at least that will help me not get fat!!!
But really - I''m way stoked!! My new companion will be Elder Subagio from the city of Bogor - I've only met him once, but everyone in the Bogor squad is awesome!! I leave tomorrow morning but not too early - that's nice!
And yes for the record - we got your message through President Rowley - he thought it was hilarious and we did not eat any snails - but now they all live outside our front wall haha!
Bummer for the Zags but 2nd is great!
General Conference was awesome - I did love Elder Palmer's talk! We had a mission goal for every companionship to bring at least one investigator to conference and my District reached that goal!! Our investigator came, she's awesome!!!
We rode our bikes SO far this week - twice!! One wasa media referral from Salt lake! We show up to the university which was like 8 kilos farther away then we thought haha and it was a muslim university which was stranger becasue we were two missionaries invited to go there! Way fun though and the gate just opened directly for us - we didn't even have to slow down haha!
I'll tell you all about the exciting Jakarta adventures! I'm stoked for the new opportunities to become better and to leave behind my old weaknessses!!
I love you all!!! I hope everyone has an awesome week!! I loved conference this week and I know that those men were truly called and inspired of God! I know that Thomas S.Monson is a prophet!!! I know that Jesus Christ leads this church through him!!!
Everyone have an awesome joyfilled week!!!!!

Elder BRown

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Escape of the Snails

Hello Everyone
Just want to tell you a bit about the week! It wasn't a ton that happened!
Two funny stories - we planned our food very well this week for fast sunday! (In our church, every first Sunday of the month we fast for 24 hours to bring ourselves closer to God and we also don't buy food on the Sabbath day) - so we have to plan well on Saturday. We love eating ice cream cones from macdonalds here beacuse they dip it in flavorings that harden on the top and there is this REALLY delicious new flavor - sea salt caramel. So Elder O says - hey let's go to the mall, buy cones, and try to ride back as fast as we can and put them in the freezer before they melt so we can eat them on Sunday when we break our fast - to which I said "sounds like the best idea ever" so thus we did. But there were two problems 
1. My bike was in the shop so I'm riding a way not-nice bike to ride. 
2. the road from the mall to our house is sketchy. 
Long story short - we cross this kind of sketchy bridge and my ice cream is melting all over my hand - but I need to switch the gear - with my ice cream hand. oh no. So I try, lose my balance and fall toward the side of the bridge (which has a small wall to stop people from falling to their death - so in an effort to not die - I put my arm out and stopped myself - so my arm stopped and my body stopped but that delicious ice cream did not. It just popped right off the cone and sailed away into oblivion. Hopefully landed in some kids mouth. Elder O thought it was SOO funny. I thought it was sad haha as I had another ice creamless sunday.
Another - we found some snails. Elder O was like "Wow - we could eat these" (he's a bit crazy!) and so he contracted a bunch of little kids and they gather like 40 huge snails. We stopped by the house to leave them there but left to go to another appointment and we come back and boom they had all climbed (or slimed) ut of the bag and onto the bike - it was so funny! ANd Elder Wijaya and Elder Hansen were SO confused why the bike was covered with snails. I'll update later if we actually do cook them.
We also did a lot of missionary work - good week! Nothing really big happened!! But I do know and testify that this is the Work of God! It just amazes me that he actually trusts us to to help him in it!!!
I love you all so much!!!

Elder Brown

MOTHERS NOTE:  Two heart attacks this week.  1.  Elder Brown almost falling to his death, due to salted caramel covered ice cream.  2. The thought of Elder Brown putting one of those snails in his mouth.  I contacted the mission president to ask him to please tell Elder Brown NOT to EAT the snails.  Thankfully, Pres. Rowley called him right away, and emailed back to say they would NOT eat the snails.  

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Men are that they might have JOY!!

Oh I'm so glad you all made it down for Grandpa’s funeral! I wish I could have been there. I'm so glad that Grandma and dad are both doing well. That's so cool that they sent an honor guard and stuff!
How are Dal and Kayla doing?? They look good! When is Arianne's due date oficially????
Go Zags!!
I am really good Mom - I know why I'm here and President taught me that "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing" and I really need to work on that. If i remember the true reasons for me being here, I will be so much more patient, loving and understanding. But I'm good - always missing you!
YOu know what's crazy - my boy Elder Cravens goes home in two weeks - can't believe that! It seems not to long ago at all that he still had months to go! He's the man!
I got your letter Mom and thank you so much! Elder O is really awesome and we've been having a good time together.
PLD was really great this week - I learned a lot - I actually really like Surabaya and I really enjoy being with the Zone Leader and learning from their examples.
This week we challenged 6 or so of our investigators to be baptized - only one accepted - he(along with a good portion of our investigators) is from an Island which is part of a group of Islands called NTT which is to the East of Java. Our plan is to baptize all of our Sumban investigators and start the church is Sumba! Wahooo!! We're stoked for April - we've got big goals!
We also made delicious breakfast burritos - with our homemade shells - I'll send a picture if it works!
Speaking of good food (or not so good) this last Sunday and Saturday - the three bules (white people) in our house got sick throwing up and diarrhea - that was fun! We think it was some food we ate in Surabaya - but we're not sure! That was rough - but we'll be better and working hard again tonight!!
Man I really love you all! and this week I am loving the scripture 2 Nefi 2:25 "Adam fell that men might be and men that they might have joy"! I love the great Plan of Salvation from our Father in Heaven! Sister Rowley taught us because of this Plan - we always have a reason to be happy and joyous! Go study that plan a little more and make a commitment to be happier. If you don't know about that plan - ask one of your Mormon friends to explain - it is quite amazing!
I love you all!!!!

Elder Brown

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lizard on my head

Hello Everyone
Family - I am sorry I didn't really have time to read and respond to all your emails!

Mom I got your package - thank you SO much!! It is exactly what I wanted!!!
Kyle, Kendra I hope you had an amazing birthday because you both are amazing!
Just a few highlights from my week!
We went on Splits to Surabaya! It was way awesome!! Elder Harrison and Elder Day are incredible! We'll go there again this week for PLD or Zone Conferene with President! Exciting! In Surabaya had some adventures - invited some people to be baptized it was great!
We had a Movie night and watched Ephraims Rescue! It was way good and between us we had 13 investigators/nonmembers there! It was way good and two of them made it to church! That was great!!
This coming week, Elder Ostermiller and I are going to invite all of them and many more to be baptized! Wahoo!!!
I don't know if you got the picture of the lizard on my head - but that was when I was asleep _ I had no idea ahah! But don;t worry my comp came to the rescue - he took a cool picture and then... left it on my head haha! Great companion!

I just heard that Grandpa Brown died this week and that was really hard but I do know with all my heart that there is more to this world than just this life only. I know there is a God in heaven and He loves us and He has a beautiful plan of Salvation for us! 

The plan of Salvation is real! What am I  doing everyday but telling people that there is more to life than just being born and dying? I know that it is true and that we all can return to live with God again!  I know that it is true and that we will all gather together again after this life! I know that! I love you all! I pray for you each and everyday!

Monday, March 13, 2017

I know there is a God in Heaven

Hello Everyone - 
Not too much time - highlights:
hopefully the pictures I send will go through! It was so beautiful and I way loved it! It''s called "tiga warna" or "three colors" and also I can still do my backflip (proof in the pictures). i am way sunburnt!
2.Elder Ostermiller and I got drunk this week - (Mom you can choose to include this or not)
yes, that was a serious title. They gave us this drink that looked a bit like beer (but what do I know? I've never really been around beer or drunk it before).  As we were teaching, things were a bit fuzzy... haha. Elder Ostermiller poured us some water and said "drink this!" so I asked " am I drunk?" and he said I" I think so". After the lesson - we checked again and sure enough in the corner in tiny lettering that blended in, "alcohol +-2%" _ first time ever haha. Oh the experiences!!
Now for the real highlights!
We had three invesitigators at church - it was so great! And they are WAY cool!! this week and last we have met so many people from the eastern Islands of indonesia! and they are all way cool and some really potential investigators! This Saturday we're having a movie night and one is inviting TONS of her friends - it's awesome!!!

Also Thursday and Friday will be splits in Surabaya!
My friends and family!! Why am I here in Indonesia? Why am I not telling you all this in person! I know that there is a God in Heaven! We are his literal children and oh my goodness, how he loves us! Jesus Christ is our savior and his gospel has been restored - Now it is taught and found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! I know this to be true and because I love the people here, I want them to know it and be blessed by it too!! I love you all!

Elder Brown