Sunday, December 10, 2017

He was born in Bethlehem

Hello just an update on my week!!!!

This week was pretty crazy! We had MLC and Zone Conference and it could be pretty stressful because we had to make sure all the zone conferences went smoothly, but for the Jawa Tengah and Jawa Timor ones, we had to do so from afar in Jakarta> But everything went great and it was really a great experience to be with Elder Funk and learn from him. Drew, He said he remembered you and how kind it was for you to go and help the Cambodian Saints last summer.

One highlight of the week was - Brother K was baptized! Sorry there's only one picture... but Elder Sutadi baptized him. He is so great! So this is the one where his son was baptized two weeks ago. Sadly the wife is not ready yet. She could use all your prayers. It was such a great day though. Prana gave a great testimony and we had quite a few investigators there. What's really cool is that we have an investigator and his girlfriend(a member) came up and whispered, "hey J wants to be baptized." and I was like "Whaaa...?" When P and H were baptized, he felt the Spirit and decided that he wanted to make that commitment as well. So that's pretty cool! Hopefully he can prepare to be baptized in a coulpe weeks or so. He's a stud. We also have another young man - from the island of Nias. He is great and is just really prepared to receive the restored gospel! We're excited for him. Just recently, the Lord has been really blessing us to see the fruits of our labors, but there are also just so many other people out there that need this gospel!

We also went to the ward activity on Friday - so fun!! We had a lot of members and investigators there. We went down to a garden thingy place and just had a great time. It was very enjoyable to rest a little and just enjoy time with the members and investigators there!

Can I just say, I love Christmas so much!! The #LighttheWorld campaign is so awesome!! I got to teach yesterday at church about Service and man it just made me all the more love the Savior Jesus Christ and follow His example of lighting the world through service!!! I wish everyone would discover the joy in serving others - the world would truly become a place full of light and happiness!! The Christmas Spirit is so amazing - even in Indonesia where Christmas is barely celebrated at all (and with no snow- I miss snow so much haha). But you can really just feel the love of Christ in this wonderful season. I hope that everyone can feel that great love and Spirit of Christ this season. I hope that you all find a way everyday to serve someone else. Go check the "Light the World" movement - I know it is inspired of God through His living Prophet and Apostles.

I know that Jesus Christ truly lives. He was born in Bethlehem all those years ago and he still lives today. This is a time of year to always remember Him. Please help bring His light to others today, this week, this month!!

I love you all so much!

Elder Brown

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Hello Everyone!!

Selamat malam! That means "good night"! Haha I say that because it is nighttime here. We had meetings all of P-day, so President gave us permission to email tonight instead! So that was very nice of him!

But yeah we had MLC today which is Missionary Leadership Council where all the leaders from different parts of the mission come together and council about how we can help all the missionaries become better. It's always so fun because we get to see a bunch of our wonderful friends from all of the mission. It's so great. We learned so much about how we can become better servants of our Heavenly Father. What was really cool about today is that Elder Randy Funk came and he is the President of the Asia Area of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That means he is in charge of the whole church in the Asia Area. It was really an amazing chance to learn from him - such a kind man. He has such a great Spirit about him. He also remembered Drew from the time they met in Hong Kong so that was cool.

It was really amazing because he asked Elder Sutadi and I to counsel with him on how he could help the mission. So we met with him on Friday and then met with him again today. It was just a really cool experience. It helped me gain such an appreciation of how God calls servants and inspires them in their callings. Especially with President Rowley - recently I've gained such an appreciation of his keys as a mission president. He is truly inspired. I know that God truly lives and he calls ordinary men and women to do His work on the earth, That's a pretty amazing thing. He loves His children so much that he allows us to help in the wondrous work of bring His truth to the world.

This week was pretty great! We had Stake conference with all of West Java nad I saw many many good friends which always makes me so happy! And we learned so much from Elder Funk over the last couple of days!

We also had the opportunity to find some awesome people to teach! We have a new investigator in... Bali! He is the boyfriend of a member there and he is awesome. He is from India, so we taught him over Skype in English (because there are no missionaries in Bali.) SO that is a cool new experience. We also invited an awesome friend from the island of Nias (close to Sumatera) to be baptized and he accepted. it's just so exciting because I know that he is going to have an amazing opportunity to change his life and learn more about the Savior Jesus Christ and start a new life following Him. Being a missionary is awesome because you get to help others come to know truths that will truly bless their lives. Such a great opportunity to stop thinking about myself and to start focusing on others which is something I still need to work on. Also Brother K's Dad, should be getting baptized this Sunday, so pray for him! :)

I love you all!!

Have an amazing week and I hope you all can see the joy of the Christmas season as we go into December. Wahoooo!!! I love Christmas!! Check out the #LighttheWorld campaign. It's awesome!! :)


Elder Brown

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

SO MANY Don't Know

Hello Everyone

Sooo in this mission, the assistants pretty much stay in Jakarta. We had a couple pretty crazy days where we didn't really go out and work, but for the most part, we finish what President needs and we go out to save souls :) Thank goodness because sitting in the office all day is not the most enjoyable thing haha. But life here is super great. My new companion Elder Sutadi is a stud. He is a ton of fun and it was also great to see Elder Grundvig for a couple days as he helped train me.

So we have a lot of awesome investigators - 4 that very well may be baptized next week - 1 man who has given up pretty much everthying to follow the Lord and do what God wants him to do. Then one family - so awesome. And ALL of them came to church and other investigators too. So that was really great and exciting. They need to be interviewed but we feel they are ready which is really exciting.

It's very strange to be back in jakarta and it was really hard to change my style of work back to Jakarta-style and not Manado-style, but it has been really good. I really do love Jakarta!  It;s great. We have already seen many miracles and we will see many more :) 

I just want everyone to know that I know what I am doing here is the work of the Lord. I don't mean to be prideful but i know that the Lord loves His children so much and he has created a plan for all of us to come back home to Him. 

But SO MANY people don't know about this plan. It centers around Jesus Christ as our Savior, that through Him we can return. But we also need to understand, to learn and to grow and to become more like Him. But to do so we have to understand truth and the truth that has been revealed to us from Jesus Christ. Now, what I tell people everyday is that this truth in its entirety has been restored through a man named Joseph Smith. It is on the earth today in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Because I know this, I have also come to know that I truly am a Son of God and that He loves me and has a plan for me and it has brought such happiness and peace. I know God loves each and every one of us - including the wonderful people of Jakarta. 

I would hope that everyone will put some serious pondering into their divine nature as a child of God. I love you all so much and I hope everyone is SO happy and I just know that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ can make us even more happy than ever before.

I hope everyone has an amazing week! I hope you are all SO happy and laughing and smiling!! Semangat terus!

Elder Brown


Monday, November 6, 2017

Back to Jakarta

Hello  - so sorry that I am just emailing.

Elder Brown's shoes are getting a little worn out
I moved to Jakarta today. President has asked me to be one of his assistants here in Jakarta so here I am with Elder Sutadi and Elder Grundvig. I will be companions with Elder Sutadi.

So that is exciting but I am rather sad to be leaving Manado and my bike and ice cream and all of that. haha

I've been flying or in meetings all day, so I don't have much time to write, so if you want you can send out an email apologizing for not emailing much today.

Grace is very kind - their whole family came (mother, father, 2 kids) came to church. Jefferson, Grace, Gabriel, Nia. 
So good to see the Schnells! Say hi!! 
Love Derek Crapo. Where is he now?

Sorry it's so late! I don't have a lot of time but if by some miracle, you are awake, please email me! (I was not awake at 2:45 am although I would have been if I knew he was emailing)

I love you so much!!


Monday, October 30, 2017

Look for the Blessings and the Miracles

Selamat pagi semuanya!! Apa kabar??
How is everyone this week?? I hope are all happy and healthy! I hope everyone had a really great week. We had a pretty good week over here in Manado Indonesia! Lots of great times this week! Two big highlights - Sepeda (bicycls) and Es kreme (ice cream)! Now you may ask - what is important about bicycles and icSelamat pagi semuanya!! Apa kabar?? Well I'll tell you.
First things first (because Ice Cream should always be first #shoutouttoStephanieBrown), Elder McWhorter and I were looking at getting some ice cream on Pday, but Indonesia doesn't really have the best of Ice Cream and he was about to get the .75 liter one and I was like "Woah Elder Slow down. That .75 liter one is like 33000 Rupiah per liter, but if we got this 8 liter one, it's only 20000 Rupiah per liter." And the rest is history :) I have definitely eaten more ice cream this week, but then again, you can never have too much Ice Cream!
SO now  Bicycles! The once foot-borne Manado Elders now ride on wheels! Oh ya!!!!! That is what I am talking about! It has been so awesome and riding around mountainous Manado has felt so great! When you conquer the hill, you just feel like a boss #shoutouttoDrewBrown... So anyway that has been really fun.
I will try my best to send out pictures of both these wonderful occurences :)
But in reality, while those things were both fun, they were nowhere close to the best or most important parts of the week.
This week started off with a great DTM (District Training Meeting) or at least I thought it was great and i left feeling a greater urgency to share the wonderful truths of the gospel with the wonderful people of Manado. Then on Wednesday, I went on splits with Elder Wibowo who is a stud of a missionary and I leaned a lot from him and we were able to visit some inactive members and find some new investigators to teach. That was a really fun day and then after that Elder McWhorter and I just found so many people to teach who are just so great! It's really awesome, because we made some new Zone Goals and our Zone Leaders taught us that if we want to Baptize in November, we have to find those people now! so we are excited - although no one has yet accepted our challenge to be baptized by someone who truly holds the Priesthood authority of God, we know they felt the power of our message and we know it will bless their lives so greatly.
We even had a cool experience at church on Sunday where we had gone out to help our friend who didn't want to come in because he didn't feel his pants were nice and it was great as we were able to testify to him that the Savior Jesus Christ didn't care about his pants but the Savior cares about HIM. and as we did so another man walked past and we invited him to come to church and eventually they both came in!! It was awesome :) Also another friend that came ended up knowing one of the members, so she felt very comfortable at church and that was great! Anyways good week. We had a lot of fun!
This week President Rowley also asked us to focus on The Book of Mormon and how important it is to our message and how it can truly bring people closer to Christ. We had an awesome experience teaching a really great friend of ours that The Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was able to testify that the book was true and that it would open the doors to personal revelation through the Holy Spirit so that he could overcome his problems. As I did, i felt the Spirit testifying to me that it was true! I know that the Book of Mormon is a book from God. And that takes nothing away from the Bible - I also know the Bible is the word of God. But at this time I want to testify that the Book of Mormon is of God and anyone who reads it WILL come closer to God. It testifies that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I KNOW that is true. I love sharing it with the people of Indonesia and I love sharing it with you all who I love so much.
And I do love you. SO much!
I hope everyone has an amazing week. Look for the blessings and the miracles!

Elder Trevor Brown

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night everyone - depending on where you are in the world!! :)
I hope everyone had a fantastic week. WE certainly had a good week here in Manado! The week started off really fun last P-day. We got to go play Futsal(small field indoor Soccer) with a lot of members. Then on the way back we were riding an angkot(onhe of those small van things for public transportation) and it was just pouring rain and flooding in the street some. And the traffic was really bad haha and as many of you know, on Mondays we are supposed to return to regular missionary activities at 6:00 in the evening and we were going to be late because of the traffic. So we had to jump out of the angkot in the torrential downpour and start running toward our house. We were already a little tired from Futsal and we became totally soaked within minutes as the rain came down and the floods came up. Needless to say, it was awesome!! WE felt like soldiers because we had backpacks on as we ran and everyone was looking at us like "Who are these two crazy white people??" Haha such fun. My only regret was that Drew and Kyle weren't there to run with me. And to top it all off, we make it back and ALL the electricity on our street is out. So we have like 5 minutes to change and get back out the door... without any lights! It was an adventure :)
So that was a good start to the week. We had some great experiences with the Lord guiding our paths. We were headed up to an area on day and we got a text from an investigator asking if we could meet in the place we had just left. We felt that we should go back, so we jumped out of the angkot and within 5 seconds we met some people on a motorbike who wanted to meet. Then when we met them that night, one of our friends who we have been trying to help walked by and the guy we were meeting with said "Oh this is my daughter." so we were able to meet with her parents. It was a miracle to us that the Lord is putting us where we need to be so we can help who he needs us to.
We had another situation like that, we were headed home and we took just one last opportunity to talk to someone and then we met with him and he came to church this Sunday and we feel like he has truly been prepared to receive the truths of the restored gospel. So we are excited to teach him more.
We also had a chance to go with President Novan, the president of the branch in Manado, to go visit a man who's leg was just amputated. Even though physical and worldly pursuits aren't our main focus as missionaries, I had the opportunity to share with him the things that Dad had taught me about how knowledge is very powerful and how gaining knowledge is so important. I told him that through this recovery process, he could read and search and practice to learn and gain new skills (like programming or writing) and could begin his new life with a good start. (Thank you Dad!) and we talked about 2 Nephi 2:27 - one of my favorite verses, and how even in the hard times we can choose the Savior. We can choose to get up when we fall. We can choose who we will become. And for anyone who is having a hard time, I know that God will help you make those choices that bring happiness in this life and the life to come.
A lot of our investigators didn't make it to church this week which is so sad, because the Spirit is always there and we learn so much and when they don't come, they are missing out on so much. I wish everyone would just take the step of faith to come and they would see how all the things we share with them are so true and can truly bless their lives. Please pray for all of them to have greater faith. I'm learning this week about my own faith and the power of prayer and the necessity of prayer. I know that this is truly the Lord's work not mine and that I need to focus more on what HE wants, not what I want.
Sorry if that was a little jumbled! My thoughts can be pretty crazy. I am loving Manado and excited for this next week. I love you all and I really hope and pray that you are all doing well and loving life. If you are not - change!! Ask God how you can and need to change. He will help you!! Because He loves you and He wants you to be happy. That is my testimony. :)
I love you all!
Elder Brown

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

President Julian's Promise

How is everyone this week?? I hope you just had a wonderful weeek with low stress and high productivity, happiness and laughter levels!
This week was honestly pretty normal for us. We didn't have that much unique happen. We started teaching a homeless boy. He is pretty cool and wants to prepare for baptism, but he has a lot of other needs that we just aren't quite sure how or if we can help. Pray for him. Also pray for R and family, because they are really awesome but they just need the strength to act and put in the effort to truly come unto Christ.
I got pretty sick this week - nothing bad, just made working harder. Just pushed through it and I'm on the mend. So grateful for President Julian's promise at the beginning of my mission that I would have the health to serve with all my might on my mission.
I also gave a talk in church about Matthew  7:24-27 about how we can be wise and build our foundation on Christ or to be more correct bagaimana kita bisa membangun landasan kita di atas Kristus :)
Then S (the other Elder's investigator) was baptized!!! I'll try to send pictures later.
Other than that, everything is just swell!! I am really loving my time here in Manado!! It is great!! Time is flying but I am loving it!!!! This truly is the Lord's work!! I still miss you all so much, but I am so grateful I can be here serving God's children in Indonesia!
I know that Jesus Christ truly is the and He invites ALL to come unto Him. He loves you all!
And I love you all! :)

Elder Brown

Wow- can you send me another like family picture if the Jensens? They are getter really big. Tell them all that I LOVE them!!

We visited a Confucian/Buddhist temple! Pretty cool. It was the Festival of the Mooncakes (I'm sure Drew knows about that!).  We want to see if there is a braille Book of Mormon! 
Not much vault training going on, but we do a little here and there. No bikes yet (which would help us get to a place that we could swing). The rings were in Surabaya!