Monday, March 19, 2018

This week was...TRANSFERS!!

Hello family and friends!!!

How is everyone?? I hope you are all had a wonderful week! We sure have :) Though once again crazy again!!

This week is ... TRANSFERS!!! And no, I am not moving, but my beloved companion Elder Johnson is :( Which makes me really sad - I will miss him to no end. But the thing is, Elder Johnson is such an amazing person and missionary, I dont really have to do anything and we know that "there is no growth in the comfort zone". And I think the Lord knows that I need a whole lot of growing!

My new companion is Elder Nordwald, and he also is a wonderful man so I'm excited for that.

This week was awesome. Yesterday was a special Stake Conference with Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. That was really cool. I got to meet him briefly and quite a few of our investigators came and we're able to meet him as well. That was great! He taught us a lot of great things. One thing that made me think a little bit was when he said "our boys were like your boys". I meet so many people that one do what is right and won't make an effort to have family prayer and scripture study or to work for their families or so many other things. As I looked at Elder Stevenson, I saw that he was a successful father and husband, not because his path was easier but he was wiling to try despite the difficulties. He said "God doesn't expect us to be perfect, he just wants us to try." I see so often people who won't try because it is hard, but I know that it is in the moments of when we try that God gives us His power. Even when our efforts aren't enough, he carries us through. But, we have to try. So even this great Apostle, he has had and still has similar trials and challenges as we all do, but through reliance on the Savior and His power and grace, he makes it through. I think that's pretty incredible. We can all make it through, if we but try our best and give Him the rest.
Anyways, everything has been going great! Our investigators are doing well, I just wish we had more time to teach and help them. But the Lord is sure helping us, so I am grateful for that!!

I am really excited to be with Elder Nordwald. He's coming here soon!! I have a lot of respect for that man!

I really hope every one is doing well this week. I hope you are all HAPPY :D - "Men are that they might have joy"!

I love you all so much!

Elder Brown

Monday, March 12, 2018

Zero Time

Hey Mommy, I might not send a full well written email... sorry. We are working on transfers and Zone Conferences and other things today...
This week was good!!
We went to Solo and Surabaya for Zone Conferences!!! Lots of fun but very tiring!!
I had the opportunity to confirm S a member of the Church yesterday!
Just a lot of really great things happening nowadays!
I sent pictures to you!
We had a wonderful miracle: This last week we had about 0 time to work in our actual area... but right before we were going ot church a family of four called us and said they wanted to come to church and they DID! This was a man that I had first met and contacted last year in my first couple of weeks in Jakarta. So that was really cool!! Always many miracles!! This is truly God's work. I love seeing that!

I love you!! Have a great week!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Loving Serving the Lord

Selamat siang semuanya! Or maybe it's malam over there. Apa Kabar??

Hopefully everyone had an awesome week :)

This week was super duper crazy awesome for us. "Why?" you may ask. 3 reasons.

1. S was baptized! Wahoo!!
2. M was confirmed!!
3. We left Jakarta!! :)

So that was all so great!! Starting from the bottom... Elder Johnson and I had the wonderful opportunity to go visit the fabulous cities of Yogyakarta and Magelang (my birth-city!! or in other words, the first place I served). It was awesome!

Tuesday night, we flew out to Jogja and spent the night with Elders McWhorter and Forston, both of whom I love. On wednesday I got to work with Elder McWhorter which was awesome because he is such a stud and it brought us back to our Manado days! We had some great experiences and taught some wonderful people. loved it.

That night we traveled on to Magelang. It was like a dream come true to go back! I was so excited banget I was pointing everything out to Elder Johnson the whole way! We stayed with Elders Schofield, Suparman, Call and Simanjuntak who are all studs. Tons of fun to see them and get to know them all better. I had the chance to work with Elder Call on Thursday. Way fun - he is a rocking missionary. I was riding Elder Simanjuntak's bike and the pedal fell off - the whole thing. (This is right after pourig rain and riding through floods - super fun!) and so I was kind of like "We should probably get this fixed..." He responds "Yeah theres a place over there... but let's contact in this area first!" So we went contacting with me riding my bike with the pedal in my pocket and using my foot to propel myself forward. Haha turns out he was in tune with Spirit because when I wanted to go fix the bika, he knew there were people in that place that we needed to meet.

Thursday night we headed back to Jogja and slept with Elder Port and Elder Gomez and then woke up in the morning to get to the airport. Our flight was two and a half hours late haha. Anyway great time, I just hope it hehlped the missionaries we worked with in some way.

M was confirmed this week!! That was especially awesome:)

AND S was baptized!! It was SO great and she was so prepared. She's been super excited all week which was really awesome. Elder Jensen was able to baptize her which was really cool! He used Indonesian even though he had to read part of it. It was just a really awesome service and the ward was so welcoming which was just great. We were so blessed to have the chance to teach her. She is amazing.

Trevor always loved taking pictures with this
 volcano when he was assigned to Magelang, so
first thing when he gets back - picture with the Volcano.
So anyway, great week! Loving serving the Lord. I do know that this is truly His work. I do know that God loves all His children.

I love you all so much!

Elder Brown

Monday, February 19, 2018

Pancakes and Pernikahan Kekal

Hello my dear family and friends!!

First off, I hope you all had a love-filled Valentine's Day (what a wonderful opportunity for us all to ponder and recognize those we love!) and also a fortune-filled Chinese New Year! Both of these were pretty hype over here in Jakarta, Indonesia!!

Also shout to the amazing one-and-only Stephanie Brown, as she has this week completed one year as a missionary in Slovenia. Also 20+ years as an amazing older sister :)

So yeah this week was great - many wonderful things to remember and ponder :)

One great thing that happened is our friend M was baptized - wahoo!! It was great. He is definitely a special son of Father in Heaven. In fact church was just all around great today, even though a couple of our investigators slept in a little too late, so they didn't make it.

Funny story: someone told one of the members that I was good at making pancakes. So last week, I told them that I would make pancakes and they said they would bring ingredients. Little did I know that they actually meant business and they brought all the ingredients. Turns out what I actually signed up for was a pancake making competition between myself and Sister Kentjana (a long-term member of the ward). She and her husband are so funny! As I was making my batter, there were like 6 or 7 sisters in the ward surrounding me and calling out directions and crying out in distress when they thought I made a fatal error. And man, Sister Kentjana's were pretty delicious but I think mine might take the (pan)cake ;) Not to be prideful haha.

Haha lots of fun! We also got to video call two investigators in Bali today. We even invited one to be baptized and he accepted :)

Honestly this week has been pretty rough in some ways, with things just not working out and not being able to meet our investigators. But it's all a lesson in humility - to remember that this is the Lord's work and not our own. He certainly did it when we weren't able. It's good to remember that as we try our best, the Lord will do the rest. He will mencukupi which is a great Indonesian work meaning "to make enough". But we do have to be really truly trying :)

Let's see - what else happened this week...?

Oh yeah - I got a smartphone ;) That's pretty cool - Elder Johnson and I are testing them (though he's already had his for a month) and let me tell you WhatsApp is like the best thing ever for contacting investigators! :)

I taught Asas-Asas Injil (Gospel Principles) at church today and I taught about Pernikahan Kekal (Eternal Marriage). And I was thinking a lot about that (not that I'm getting trunky!) and how just absolutely amazing it is that we can be with our families for FOREVER. Thats is one of the most amazing gifts that we receive from the Restoration of the Gospel. Think about it. I know how much it has  effected my life! How different would we look at our father, mother, brothers, sisters, spouses, children when we realize that we are family forever :) How much kinder could we be? How much more considerate as we see our family's eternal value and importance? I was just thinking about that and how much I love my family and how grateful I am that I CAN be with them forever because of the Savior Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel. I do testify that He loves us and desires all of us to come unto Him and return to the Father.

I love you all!! Have an amazing week and take a little more time and a little more thought to show our family how much you love them.

Love Elder Brown

Monday, February 12, 2018

Good Morning Jakarta!

Good morning Jakarta!
That's what I sing every morning when we go out. Well actually I don't haha, but now that I thought of it, I'll probably start singing it everyday :)

Well things in Jakarta are just dandy! I hope everything is super-duper swell in America with all the wonderful people I love there! I hope everyone is happy! And if you're not - I know just thing that can help you be happier. Everyday I go around Jakarta doing my best to share the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with people because I know it is truth and joy, at its fullest.

I was thinking a lot about the joy of the Gospel this week and how I personally can take greater joy in the Gospel and better bring that joy to others. I love Christ's words "Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world"(John 16:33). When we know that because of Him, everything can be okay. Our weaknesses, pains, sins and imperfections can be swallowed up in Him. Through Him, we too can overcome the world, so why not "be of good cheer"? :) I'd like to start seeing myself more of a "penyebar sukacita" than a "penginjil" which is to say more of a "spreader of joy" than a "person who gospel-izes other people" (haha sometimes it's hard to translate the meaning of these Indonesian words).

Anyway, its been a great week of spreading joy with Elder Johnson and I in the beautiful city of Jakarta. We have had some wonderful experiences sharing our testimonies of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

We had a great lesson with S as she expressed her desire to be a missionary and share the Gospel. Some of the Sisters in Relief Society told us that she bore her testimony that she knew this Church was true. That was cool. She is still planning on being baptized on the 4th of March. She rocks - she is so great.

We have tons of awesome investigators - we are just trying to help them see the joy of the Gospel. Jesus taught "the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32) and it is so true. I wish people would see how much understanding the truth about the Savior and His doctrine is so freeing and bringing such blessings of happiness in our lives, no matter who we are or where we are.

Cool experiences at church - we were watching a video in class entitled "Families Can Be Together Forever" and it shows a bunch of video clips of families doing cute things, and right there precisely at 2:27, there is my Uncle Eric, just nonchalantly picking up his bike. Haha I got so excited and it made me so happy! So shoutout to Eric Jensen and the Jensens for being a wonderful example of a happy family :) Speaking of can you send me Alice and Sam's mailing addresses, so that I can mail them letters? :)

One other cool thing at church - our simpatisan John (who was baptized about a month and a half ago - so not a simpatisan anymore) blessed the Sacrament. It was wonderful, he is such a good man! What a sweet experience to see him exercise his priesthood :)

Anyway its been a great week! Lots of fun experiences!! One of which : Elder Johnson and I often (VERY often) eat at the same place right in front of our house called Ayam Gepuk which is this delicious Fried Chicken, with super-spicy sambal (Indonesian sauce made from smashed chilis, salt, garlic and oil - amazing :) and it is so good and we are such good friends with the workers. and they gave us SHIRTS and they are literally the coolest things - we will send pictures :)

I love you all so much!!
Go find the happiness this week!!!


Elder Brown

Monday, February 5, 2018


Good Morning Indonesia! and also to my wonderful family and friends all around the world!!

I hope you are happy healthy and terrific (as my Mission President, President Rowley often says). Hopefully everyone's lives are just swell this week. I hope you had the chance to share a smile and a lot of love this week :)

The Instagram Account is
Not Quite as exciting as
"TrevorBrownDoingThings" yet,
but give it time I guess.
Elder Johnson and I had a great week, though really busy! We were given another task to oversee some of the immigration processes for the missionaries. President almost called a set of Office Elders to oversee it, but we decided that for now, we would handle that. So that definitely put some greater demands on our time. But it's great, because it allows us opportunity to see the Lord's hand doing the work for us!

Church was great! We were bummed because at the start of the meeting, only two of the investigators we wanted to come had showed up. But as the meeting began, five more of them came in - that was a tender mercy for sure. And then two people we had contacted wanted to meet, along with all of our other appointments that Sunday - we had the opportunity to go give a blessing to one of our investigators Mom in the hospital. It is amazing to be able to use our Priesthood to help others. He was very touched by the blessing and right after it, his Mom opened her eyes more fully than he said she had in a while. So Sunday turned into a really busy, but very rewarding day! That was awesome!

Besides Sunday, everything was great! Elder Johnson and are just pressing forward (maju terus!). Two friends are doing well and still progressing! One other, we gave to the Tangerang Elders and it sounds like he is doing well! One is preparing to be baptized for this coming week. Please pray that he will feel truly prepared and understand the sanctity of the covenants he will make.

I think I forgot to tell you, but Elder Johnson got a smartphone last week. The first one in our mission! His other phone broke and President said "Okay, lets try a smartphone", so that's been pretty crazy! But really helpful. We even have an Instagram account :)

Speaking of technology, we've started teaching some people through Skype. There's one guy in Makassar that is really prepared to receive the restored gospel, so that's pretty cool! It's amazing to see how the Lord is preparing people everywhere to receive our message.

Next week will be MLC, so that will be a lot of fun! We're excited! It was supposed to be this week, but thank goodness it was pushed back, because I don't know where we would have found the time to prepare for it haha!

Anyways, it's been a great week. Elder Johnson and I have tons of fun - I feel bad because I never seem to tell you about funny things that happen, but it is a lot of FUN. Who knew that 11 hour "work" days would be super totally awesome? :)

I love you all!! Have a fantastic week. And just remember the things that truly matter. In bahasa indonesia there are two words "senang" and "bahagia". they both mean happy. But "senang" is like pleased, a more temporary fleeting happiness, whereas "bahagia" is like true deeper happiness. There's a lot of things in life that make us "senang" (like for me - eating delicious food - or any food really!:) but what really is important are the things that make us "bahagia". Like serving the Lord, like serving and lifting others - making them smile and making them "bahagia" - those are the things that bring true "kebahagiaan" (happiness). Go search out those things that truly "berarti" (have meaning) and the things that really matter and will make you "berbahagia" (be happy).
I know that is what our loving father in heaven wants for us all!!

Love you all!!

Elder Brown

Monday, January 15, 2018

Luar biasa!!

Hello my wonderful family and friends!!!

Apa kabar??

I hope you all has a good of week as Elder Johnson and I did!! It was luar biasa!!

First of all - it was so crazy busy, I get tired just thinking about it. Haha but being busy is awesome because no time to be tired and just time to be happy (that was partially facetious, because I definitely am tired, but s'all goods, s'all goods).

We are changing the way we do some things in the immigration process for our missionaries which creates a lot of work and confusion for Elder Johnson and I but I am happy to say I think we came out on top!

We were also busy with Zone Conference and preparation for it. It was fantastic as always to get to meet together and learn from President Rowley and all the other wonderful missionaries. Lots of great things to learn and realizing I still have so far to go and not enough time to do it all! Just will have to work harder :)

Our week ended just GREAT! We ended up having 9 simpatisans come to church, which is more than I've ever had come in a week before. It was so great to be able to share in the Spirit with so man wonderful people that I love! I think they all really enjoyed it! Elder Jensen (our office mission couple Elder whom I dearly love) gave a great talk which one of the brothers translated for him. The Spirit was so strong. He spoke of God and Christ and Propehts, especially about Thomas S Monson. We also got to watch President Monson's funeral, so that was special.
Just having a great time and loving life! Just trying to become better and more like Jesus Christ.

One cool experience we had. We had some things fall through on Saturday so we started going somewhere with a kind of shaky idea of what we were doing. As we were headed there we realized that we were close to an inactive member's house and we felt we should go there instead, so we did. and the next day he and his non-member wife came to church. Definitely the Spirit guiding us to what we needed to do! Just cool for me :) 

I love this work! I feel so great as I can sincerely say to people "I'm not here to add numbers to my church or get money or for my glory, but I am here because I know God loves you and I want to help you return to Him." This is not my work - this is His work. He loves His children. I love that knowledge. I love how it changes the way I live and look at others around me.

I love you all. I hope you have an amazing week. Maju terus!

Dengan kasih,

Elder Brown