Monday, November 28, 2016

Becoming in Magelang

Well, I am not moving!!! I am staying in Magelang!! :) But Elder Sukarlis did move - to Solo as a Zone Leader (which is one of the leadership positions on a mission). He had to get trained so he left before actual transfers... and you know what that means... Threesome. Ugh. Man I have spent so much of my mission in a tripanionship! but it was good- Elder Cravens and Elder Corey are both super awesome! In fact- I am coming to Love Elder Cravens so much! He is SO awesome! and such a good missionary with a good work ethic and great desires! Man I love that guy! But today, we'll be getting a new missionary - Elder Tracy (who is actually a friend from BYU) so that will be really fun!
Kentucky Fried Chicken in Indonesia

The meeting with Elder Evans was awesome!! I loved it!! I was so happy because we didn't really focus so much on skills. But we really focused on "becoming" and change and remembering our purpose here which is to really bring others to Christ. And we talked about obedience and miracles and lots of other really awesome things. I just really felt that this was more what we needed. We didn't need a lecture about how we could do better in everything, but we needed that reminder and inspiration that this is the Lord's work and we ARE the Lord's servants. I also really loved it because Elder Evans made it apparent to us that he expects us to be better and the Lord expects us to be better., But the really amazing thing is that the Lord WILL HELP us become better. We just need to have the right desires and submit our will to his! We also talked about goals and he used the example of the prophet Nephi and his brothers Laman and Lemuel. The brothers were afraid to do the Lords work because there was a powerful man standing as an obsatacle - a man "who could command fifty" but to Nephi - it did not matter. He knew the power of the Lord and he knew all things were possible in God, so he believed and acted with faith!!! Anyways it was great!!!
Also in fun news - we've spent the last two Sundays in the Jeffreys house for church because our old church is completely destroyed, but the new one isn't ready yet  - that's been fun!! :)
Passion Fruit

This week was pretty rough in terms of working because we became a threesome and it rained so much!! If anyone has ideas of what could be done in the rain (especially Drew) please tell me :)

I love you all!! Life is so good!!! I know that Christ lives and he wants to help and bless all of us in this life!!!!

Elder Brown

Sunday, November 20, 2016

HE Lives! I know He lives!!!

Jack Fruit (Nangka)
Oh Mommy I am so glad all those letters got there :) Sorry to make you work so hard to send them to everyone!!! And happy Thanksgiving!!! :) Life sounds awesome there!

Can you just tell the ward that I love them all so much!!

Fun to have the relatives at the House!!! GO ALICE WAHOOOO!!!! That's awesome!! 

Haha I don't feel much like a 3 Nephite, especially not this week (I had some rough times - but some REALLY AWESOME times too!!!) but that was really nice of them to say :)

Sadly D did not get baptised... and he won't until he is ready to make the sacrifice to come to sacrament meeting.... it's really hard!

But we gave Sister E a new date - Dec 11!!!! Bro Mahar helped us and they basically spoke Bahasa Java while we smiled :) I think that her Bahasa Indonesia isn’t actually as strong as we though it was - so Mahar is going to help us with that!!! I don't know if I've ever told you - but Bro Mahar (our branch mission leader) is SO awesome!! He goes out with the missionaries almost every day! He is so great!!!!

Life is really good _ Ibu M and E really liked your necklaces!!! They were beautiful!! I gave A one of my ties too!

During Splits with Elder Corey, I had an awesome experience! Mas T asked us to go there and he was SO sick oh my goodness. Elder Corey even said "He thinks he is dying." and he was scared, he asked us to read the Book of Mormon with him so we did reading Alma 7:11-13 and 3 Nefi 22:10-11 and then we had a scary moment where I was liked "AHHH what else do we read!" but Elder Corey received a little inspiration form the Spirit to ask him to pray. and he did for the first time ever!! The Spirit was so powerful!!! And he was truly healed, right before our eyes!! Not like 100% fully healed right there, but he definitely changed- he looked so much better!!! It was a miracle!! And I gained an even stronger testimony that Heavenly Father loves every single one of his children!!! Every Single one!!! And he rejoices when we keep his commandments and follow His son Jesus Christ!
A crazy deep well

I just want to testify that Jesus Christ truly died for our sins. And HE Lives! I know He lives!!! And because HE lives, we can live again!!!

We also had some very powerful first lessons with some new investigators we're excited about!! Life is good!! We have mission tour with Elder Evans next week (so I'll email on Tuesday)!!!! And I might get transferred... hopefully not haah!!!

I love you so much Mommy!!!! 

We found this really deep well, almost 60 feet.  The new chapel that is being built is getting there, the church owns everything, even the ceiling tiles and the door frames.  We went to a Penjahit (a tailor), these are the sewing machines.

Monday, November 14, 2016


Halo Everyone
Elder Brown and President Rowley
Good week!! Some setbacks and disappointments but a lot of miracles!!! We're working really hard to work with the members here! It can be really difficult because of transportation and distance. But we took Brother Hendrik who is Ibu E’s 30 year old son who is a new convert of a year or so with and he rode Elder Jeffrey's bike - which was super great!! It is also hard because Home Teaching is just not quite understood here– don’t quite get the vision. So that’s frustrating because it is SO needed here!!

Sis E is good - we haven't really gotten to teach her much this week but were really hoping she will gain a strong desire to learn and sacrifice to receive all the blessings that are available.

We were really disappointed when D and D didn't come to church - we are just trying to figure out how to help them gain testimonies and desire to make the necessary sacrifices.

Elder Brown and the Volcano
Life here is really so good!! Lot's of rain this week! Wet a lot ha-ha!! The real problem is that going into someone’s house when your wet is really not polite here... so we're really struggling to figure out how we can use this time when it is raining more effectively - that can be a hard issue!

Oh Mom - as for Donald Trump - EVERYONE knows!!! We saw on sister Sri's TV that he won... I was actually really surprised haah!!!  Ha-ha they LOVE talking to us about it which can make for good contacting opportunities :) But Mom, if I haven't told you yet. the people in Indonesia are some of the most tolerant and accepting people anywhere. for a large part they are so sentai (relaxed) ha-ha. So I wouldn't worry at all about it becoming dangerous!! there of course are some areas we stay away from, but not really in Magelang at all.

De-Icing the Freezer-Elder Brown's PDay Chore
I hope Elder Bennet is healing too... don’t really know!! But yes, shoes and socks and everything are great!! my shirts just get so dirty so easily!!  And the bike and bathroom are good :)

I can pretty much understand everything that people say to me. even though I don't know a lot of the words still - though sometimes I have to ask them to repeat ha-ha! But it is definitely coming!

Glad all the Cousins are doing so great! What is Jansen's exact mission again? Tell them all hi for me and I love them and if anyone wants to write - I would love it!!

But Mommy, really I am so good!!!! Life here is awesome!! Indonesia Rocks and I am happy. Got both of your packages yesterday!!! I think the Blue ties are so cool!! Did you make those necklaces yourself?

Life is so good here!! Everyone go read the speech from Dieter F. Uchtdorf entitled "He will Place you on his shoulders and carry you home" it is so awesome!! I love how he talks about every single one of us are children of God with infinite value and divine potential! And as sheep of the good Shepherd when we stray from the fold - what do we have to deserve rescue? Nothing - we are worthy of divine rescue only because the Good Shepherd loves us!! We are each and every one a child of God and nothing the world says can change that!! Every single one of you are a child of God and so valuable!!!! And so is every single person you pass on the street or in the store!!! Christ lives ! He loves you and he is the Good Shepherd who will rescue you! Love you all!!! 

Love you !!


Monday, November 7, 2016

There is HOPE always!!

Some quick updates before I read all emails!!

Life is so good!!!
Elder Brown and Elder Cravens
This week we had Zone Conference in Solo on Thursday and Friday and then we went home to Magelang for Saturday and returned to Solo for Stake conference Sunday!! Crazy week but really good!! Lots of great experiences.

Mom, about a Christmas package - I am sorry, I cannot think of anything that I really want!! Please just don't spend too much! I know you love me!!! and something small and not too expensive is just perfect!!! But you may do whatever- I just love you!!!!

We've had some great experiences. Last night, we got back from Solo at 5:30 or so and we were really tired, but decided to go out and work anyway and then we found a really cool family who had tons of questions about our church and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!! When you put forth your efforts the Lord blesses you and others through you!!!

Volleyball with Friends
I've learned a lot about how important it is to love others and how great of a difference just a little more love and kindness can make in another person's life!! IT is so true!!! One of our non-active members came to the Solo conference and I was so so sad, because no one really talked to him... So I went to go talk to him on the Bus and I just hope that he felt our love!! Just be kind!!! Love!!!!

I learned a lot about love as I visited my sick MTC companion and stayed with him (even though I missed Futsol - which was a real bummer). Elder Bennett got a bug bite two weeks ago and has had to be in the house since then.  REALLY swollen. But I learned how much the Lord loved him and wanted me to love him!! Wow the Lord's wisdom is just so much greater than ours!! I testify to every single person on this Earth that there is a Father in Heaven who loves you!! All you who are struggling can have hope!!!! I love the scripture in the Book of Mormon about hope - Ether 12:4

Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.

There is HOPE always!!! And for those of you who have found it, it is our duty to "abound in good works" and help others find this same wonderful hope and love from our Heavenly father!!!

Stay Away from that Spider.
Mas Tri is progressing well and Ibu D and Pak D! Pak D will be baptized on the 20th of November!! I made them PB and J sandwiches because they had never heard of them haha!! Ibu E also has a date for the 20th- she came to stake conference :)

How is everyone????? All my cousins and family doing well?? Friends?? State XC?? I just hope my letters are making it there!! Can I get Hannah Van Matre’s address???

I love you all so much!!!!

Elder Brown

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Elder Brown gets Exciting News!

SOOOO Excited for Steph!

I DIDNT GUESS- I COULDNT WAIT!!!!!! BUT I WAS THINKING EUROPE THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!! CAN YOU SEND ME A MAP???????????? "Where's a map? " haha... Well maybe I can find one on
Oh my goodness Steph - I do not know what to say at all but I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote my mission pres. first because I didn’t think I would be able to write him after I got the news... Slovenia is beautiful!!!!

You are going to be the most incredible missionary ever - seriously!!!!! Tell me more about Slovenia!!!! Where does your mission officially cover??? What is the language like? Different Alphabet??? Are you excited??? What is the plan in between school and mission???

IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These kids really loved the pictures that Sister Daines let us laminate.
I want you to know that there is not a single trace of doubt in my mind that God our Heavenly Father with the Savior Jesus Christ have personally called you to go to serve those people. I know that sounds Cliché and you hear it a lot, but I know that is where God wants you to be.

I know that this work is the work of our Heavenly Father - no one else. And you have the opportunity of a lifetime of eternity to bring His word and his love to His children. I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, they can be clean and happy! You will love those people so much!

The mission challenges and stretches us in so many ways, but I truly believe Nefi's words that Heavenly Father will always ALWAYS prepare a way!

Love it so much!!!!!

I have a testimony that Gospel of Jesus Christ has been Restored!!!! Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! He loves each and every single one of us! And the mission is HIs work!!!!!! Sorry that's really all I have time for!!!
Love you!!
Life is just so good and I’m real happy!
I am so happy!!!!!

Elder Trevor Brown

Tell the CV runners from our ward goodluck at State.

They are building a new church that we are moving into maybe in December.

Random food - that is Indonesia’s form of Salad! Gado Gado

Thought that sign was funny- because I guess some Indonesians don’t know how to use a real toilet!