Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28 - Week One at the Missionary Training Center

Hey Mom and Family and anyone else,
Mom, you can send this, edit it, blog it however you want.

This week has been so awesome and has actually gone really fast - too fast! I don't want to let this time at the MTC go by without using it to my best advantage! But I'm having a little bit of a hard time figuring out exactly how to do that. It's hard to make the most of my study time but I'm trying so hard to have Roh Kudus(the Holy Spirit) with me so I can have the guidance and testimony I need from him. I really need the help of the Spirit especially with the language, although as I look back, I realize that I have learned so much of Indonesian in such a short time. I think I know more and better Indonesian than I ever learned in French (nothing against Madame H. of course!)!

It is really great here, my companions are awesome!! I got put in a tripanionship because we have an odd number of Elders going to Indonesia - 11 Elders and 1 sister. We sometimes call her Sister Sendiri (Sister Alone), but luckily we've all become friends because I think it would be hard to be without a companion. Elder Johnson is great, likes to talk and loves to have fun with the other Elders! Elder Peterson also rocks- he is a little more reserved but he is so faithful! He misses his four little siblings. I have been so impressed with his progression. Not surprised, because he is being so faithful and focusing and working so hard during study time, even though the rest of us often have a hard time studying...

On a typical day, we are taught for three hours or so by our teachers Brother Blaser and Brother Rawle and spend maybe six more hours in the classroom learning from guest teachers or studying with our district. It can be long and tiresome, but I'm grateful for that time. Olehraga(sports) are a lot of fun, we have a great time. We played soccer with the little goals for our first exercise time - I shot a goal almost all the way down the field (not full-sized) and everyone was very impressed even though I really meant it as a pass...

We met Pres. Rawley, he is GREAT!!! Super cool and very... short. Haha we were quite surprised! But he is awesome, he has already taught us a lot and given us big hugs :)

Mom, I have gotten to bear my testimony in Indonesian, quite a few times! In fact, just right now we saw a man who we had kind of sort of taught as a large group of new missionaries on Wednesday and we saw him today and took the time to bear our testimonies in Indonesian, even though he didn't exactly understand haha! But Testimony can bring truth to the heart through the Spirit even though we can't necessarily understand.

I'm trying so hard to focus and praying everyday that the Lord will bless me and help and I know he will!! It's been a little tough because suddenly at the MTC, you are asked to testify of the things that you know and you have that moment where you have to stop and think and say to yourself "do I really know?". 

But I want to testify as Nephi did in 1 Nephi 11 verse 17 - "I know that He(God) loveth his children, nevertheless I do not know the meaning of all things." 

If there is anything in this world that I know it is that God lives and he loves me. He loves me and every one of his children equally and unconditionally!! That is my testimony and because I know that, I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is his church on the Earth because I have felt God's love immeasurably in my experiences in the Church throughout my life and in the Missionary Training Center.

The Gospel is true!

Elder Brown

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Elder Trevor Brown is on his way to serve the Lord for two years!

June 22, at 5:45am, Elder Trevor Brown headed up the ramp to security in the Spokane Airport.

He met up with a few other Spokane missionaries and together they stopped to teach someone when they landed in Salt Lake City.

Elder Trevor Brown arrived safely at the Provo Missionary Training Center.

His siblings said goodbye, along with Spencer Jensen.

And Elder Briton Demars came running and shouting to welcome him to the Missionary Training Center where he will live and learn Indonesian the next six weeks.

We heard from Trevor, just briefly to let us know he had arrived

I'm here!! All safe and sound! They're giving me just a few minutes to write and tell you I'm here and safe! I love you so much! I've been praying for you guys! This is AWESOME!!!! I am loving this! First day was hard, with Indonesian thrown at us from the start, but awesome!! Elder Demars was my host!!!!!!! So great to see him, he looks great!!! Saw a lot of other friends!! great!! I'm in a trio with Elders Johnson from Ogden area and Elder Peterson from snowflake arizona!! They are awesome!! Brother Blazer and Rawle are my teachers! 

Saya mengersihi anda!! I love you!!

Hope everything is well for you!! I miss you but I am loving it here! 11 elders in my district and 1 sister!! They're great!! Love you so much!!!!!!

Gereja Yesus Kristus bernar!!!! (Church of Jesus Christ is true)