Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Choir of 1400 & National Tribute Band

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Hello Everyone,

Soooooo excited for Indonesia!!!!!
I cannot wait to talk to EVERYONE!!!!!! It will be amazing!

Please tell Dallin good luck, congrats and I LOVE him! 

So yeah, my heel is fine - it just has haffal's or hallagar's or Haglund's something h-related deformity (I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it is the same as Kyle's)! The Docotor gave me a little sock/sleeve thing that helps the shoe slide a little easier(something to do with silicone) it has been helping thus far! IT was never even that Bad, though!! My question is was Kyle or Arianne driving down the road between the stadium and Helaman today, because I swear I saw their car from the shuttle/van!

Me and my MTC Branch President
Elder Bennett and I are really good! He is such a good guy! He has such great desires to serve people and teach the Lord. I know I have learned a lot. I am trying so hard to be exactly exactly obedient. But yeah, we are great! I am great!!

We did get our travel plans! I am so sorry- today has been a whirl and I don't have them with me! We leave the MTC at 6:20 in the morning- I think our plane to LA leaves at 11;00 or so and then we have like a three hour layover in LA. SO that would probably be the time I would call... I think maybe like 12:30-2:30 Washington time....  Then we go to Singapore - four hour layover and to Jakarta at 8:00 in the morning! Woohoooooo!!!!! Sorry for the less than reliable information! 

Elder Brown and MTC instructor
If possible, I would love to hear about Johnny Morrisson's mission call and Matt Tobias and Cameron Cox and Steven Gubler and others... if they've gotten them! 

Good job on the working out! I'm proud!! Also keep it up on the family history! I was so glad to be able to go to the Temple the last couple weeks. We got to do Names for Sister Jellen(Kyles comps mom!) and today Elder Bennet and I did a session and initiatory's so I am rushed but really happy! I have an ever growing testimony of the incredible importance of family history and temple work in the larger work of salvation!!! I did get to go to Rexburg once- beautiful!! I didn't get the package yet- maybe soon! The only thing I can think is another Steri-pod, I broke mine, but don't worry about it! I think the shoes will be fine! If not I will talk to Pres Rowley and buy some there!! I am just so glad that I don't have a bone spur like the nurse thought!

I love you!!!!

Pioneer Day was cool! National Tribute Band came and I got to sing with them (in the largest ever MTC choir- 1400) and that was cool!!

I am constantly growing in my testimony and conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly led by Jesus Christ through our prophet Thomas S Monson and that is an incredible thing!! I am so grateful to have that in my life!! I learned so much about obedience this week! I am trying so hard to be worthy of God's help! But one thing I read that Pres. Uchtdorf said was that "God sees us as we truly are... when a sheep is lost, the sheep[a symbol of the children of God] is not worthy of rescue because of its own merits but is worthy of rescue simply because it is loved by the master" I probably shouldn't have put that in quotes but it's something like that! I know that God loves each and every one of us! I know that Christ atoned for our sins and I can't wait to share it!

Love, Elder Brown

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

All about Imam!

Hello friends and family!!

Elder Bennett - My new companion.
Everything here is great! Here is the news of the week:  I was removed from the trio and I am now Elder Bennett's new companion. That was sad because I really loved my companions in the Trio, but Elder Bennett is really great too, so it's all good! We've been having a good week! I am still learning so much and growing so much!!

We got to host again!! That was awesome!! I was amazed to see Uncle Shawn, Aunt Helene and Alex driving into the MTC!!! I had totally forgotten that he was coming that day!! So i ran down the line jumping and shouting "That's my cousin!!" It was so cool to be his host and I see him around a lot- he looks great!! He is also in Elder Nelson's district - crazy awesome!! So fun to see them randomly sitting next to each other at lunch one day!! Elder Nelson is also doing great! It is awesome to see him! I have a ton (like 10) Elders who came in from my ward and building this last week and a lot of friends who are Sisters - so great to see all of them! Tiana and Taylor both come in on the 3rd of August, so I'll barely miss them! When is Spencer's report date??

Three Liberty Lake Boys meet up in the MTC
Elder Brockbank left today, but luckily he, Elder Craig and I managed to meet up!! They are so great! A little crazy about that new law for Russia - Brother Rawle says it sounds like kind of how it already is in Indonesia. But yeah, so many friends to see - it is so great!! Elder Brockbank and I got to rock it on the soccer field one last time. 

Our Sunday devotional was so awesome this week!! Instead of a speaker, we watched an MTC talk by Elder Bednar entitled the "Character of Christ". It was incredible! He talked about how the Atonement was only made possible because of who Christ was- not only simply the fact that he is the Son of God - but because of the qualities and attributes he has! He talked about how we can come closer to Christ and be more like him. I have learned so much about the Atonement this week! It is incredible! I know that Atonement really occurred and that Jesus truly did Atone for all of our sins and sicknesses and trials and shortcomings. The Atonement has true power in our lives; it CAN change us and bless our lives, if we come unto Christ and allow him to. I have such a testimony that Jesus is the Christ. I've also learned a lot about faith, that it is "a principle of power and action". I have seen already how powerful and important faith is- in my own life, in my investigators life. My prayers to our Father in Heaven have become so much more sincere, pleading for faith and for help. But I also know that we must act on our faith! As we believe in Christ AND act on that belief to follow him, our faith will grow and we will be so blessed!
Sister MacFarlane arrived this week.
Well anyway, right as the video finished, the door opened and lo and behold, Elder Bednar and Sister Bednar walk right into the gym. It was so cool!!! He told us that he was there to answer any questions we had about "the Character of Christ". It was awesome. The spirit was so strong and Elder Bednar is so funny! It was so cool. He never called on me, but twice he was pointing at a kid directly in front of me and I though he was pointing at me!! It was great!

Also this week, I got called to be our district leader for the two weeks that we are still here (crazy - only two more weeks before Indonesia!!). So that's cool- I get to get the mail and do stuff like that!! Oh yeah and Elder Karr sent us some awesome packages for the whole district and a letter about how much he loves us and can't wait to join us in Indonesia!! he really is great! Hopefully we'll see him soon!

I am continually growing here at the MTC. I can very much more clearly see my own faults and failings - I'm trying to be humble and let God and Jesus Christ change me and help me become who they know I should be!! I've really learned the importance of faith and humility as I've been here! I'm always striving to be better, as we all should be all throughout our lives!

I love you all so much!! I pray for you everyday!
Saya mengasihi anda semua sangat banyak! Saya berdoa untuk anda setiap hari!

Elder Trevor Brown

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Not the Man I thought He Was

Haha that is a goofy subject for an email but it is true!

Remember how I said that Elder Peterson is kind of quiet, reserved, doesn't talk much... do not believe it! If you ever meet Spencer Peterson, do not be fooled. He is quietly hilarious! He is such a prankster and has some of the most fire comebacks I have ever heard!!
Elder Brown, Johnson, and Peterson
For the record, I say this in the Utmost love and appreciation. Elders Peterson and Johnson are hilarious and awesome and they keep me laughing!

They do some of the silliest and dumbest things. Elder Peterson just randomly took a plastic knife and began "planting" it in people's pockets, so they would later realize and be very confused. Now our whole zone seems to be doing it, haha! It sounds dumb, but it can be so funny! The other day at dinner, I was still eating and they were done, so Elder Peterson reandomly challenges Elder Johnson to drink a spoonful of Tobasco sauce with him, so they did. Then Elder Peterson takes another , so elder Johnson does too and in the end they had drunk a new bottle of tobasco with Peterson drinking nine spoonfuls and Johnson seven. They are crazy - and we laugh so much!
Haha I really love our district!!

This has been a great week! We actually do get to host tomorrow and I am so excited for Elder Craig and Elder Nelson and some other friends from school!! So fun!!!

The language is coming!! I accidentally volunteered to teach the district about verb prefixes of the Indonesian language- in Indonesian. It actually went really well and I was surprised at how much I could say... which is Ironic because I didn't understand Brother Rawle when he asked for volunteers haha. But the language is coming- teaching our investigators is still very hard and frustrating but we're always improving!! God definitely has our backs and is helping us every step of the way!!

Eating the Pringles from the Package
TRC (teaching resource center) is awesome!! It's where different people who speak Indonesian come and we teach them as themselves for twenty minute lessons. We taught one of my friend's older sister and a missionary who had returned three weeks prior. It was so fun!! I got to recite Joseph Smith's own words about his vision of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father in Indonesian... That was great!! We also got to watch the Joseph Smith movie on Sunday, so between those two things, my testimony that Joseph Smith was truly called as a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is true has grown tremendously.

My testimony is growing in a lot of ways!! I really have a strengthened testimony of Faith. I am so imperfect and I make so many mistakes and there are so many things that I just wish I could do, but I can't... at least not alone. I have learned so many times these last three weeks that with heavenly Father I CAN do all things! I have seen that the more I depend on Him, trust in Him and have faith in Him, the better I can learn, teach, speak and so many other things. Christ wants us to come to him with humility, with the understanding that we need him and he will endow us with power from on high as we strive to do his work! So often I feel that I am prepared and that I can do these things on my own and I realize I can't, and even when I can, the Lord can help me do it so much better!!
Some Crazy Long Indonesian words
I had the opportunity to teach Priesthood meeting about the ordinances of Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost (I love that gift) and the Spirit was there teaching within me! I knew that I felt the Spirit and I learned! After, I had to realize that the lesson was in no way due to me, but that all credit was to the Lord for sending his spirit to teach and testify to us! I was so grateful for that experience to learn about how much more powerful anything I do is when I have the Spirit and the help of God. It is still a lot harder in Indonesian but I am striving to get there!!
The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real!! And he can change us if we come unto him in humility and faith!!

Iman!!!! That's Indonesian for faith!!

Indonesian word for the week - Wadu!! it means "wow" - it's fun to say :)

Mom, I was so incredibly gratefdul for your package!! and your letter!! They meant so much for me! The messages on it were awesome!!! The food was great, but I LOVED our family picture - thank you so much!!! The only downside is that now, all the Elders on my floor seem to want to marry Stephanie! SO sorry for Pat - I'm praying he'll get his things back.

We had two good friends- Elder Staheli and Ray leave for Vietnam yesterday!! We'll miss them and we were all jealoud that they were going. Can't wait to get out there!!

I love you so much family and friends!! I pray for you everyday!
This gospel is true! can't wait for Indonesia!!
Love you,

Elder Trevor Brown

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I am grateful!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Great week this week! It has gone by really fast! A lot has gone on! Yeah we got to Host our first week! That was really cool!!! And really fun! I looked for Elder Brockbank but didn't find him. Though the next day I saw him three times!! 

That was so fun! I sent a picture!! He also played Soccer with us one day. We played Indonesians(and Elder Brockbank) vs ALL and we totally destroyed, even though the other team had a lot of really good players! It's so much fun! We've played soccer almost everyday! I'm working out hard, per Kyle's advice! It was also super fun to see Alli Yost! Apparently Casey Strauss is around here somewhere!

Haha some other things!

It was really fun! on July 2nd, we watched the Stadium of fire! That was fun!!! We had a fantastic devotional and talked some about the reformers and Columbus. During the fireworks, my district spent a good portion of the time attempting to "take a non-photogenic picture of me". They apparently didn't succeed, but I assured them I had many! We stayed up till midnight - not smart haha!

Sunday was greart!! It was awesome to take the Sacrament! I kind of forgot because it wasn't much different from other days- but I was really excited when I remembered! We really felt the spirit strongly!! It was awesome! We also watched the Testaments that night!  A lot of fun!

And thank you for the patriarchal blessing and all the notes you've left me! I love them!!!

Thank you so much for that Poem and those addresses! Also mom, do you know who said that quote, something along the lines of "When we reach Heaven, we will be amazed at how familiar the father is for us!" ...something like that? 

President Benson described it this way: “Nothing is going to startle us more when we pass through the veil to the other side than to realize how well we know our Father and how familiar his face is to us.” 

Feel free to send conference talks and other things- for now, I can print them out!

We haven't yet gotten nor heard anything about our Visas, but we did get our shots!
We've heard a little bit about the mosquito spray treatment... not quite sure though!

The language is coming - I really need to keep pushing myself! I feel that I have learned so much, but the last couple of days, it feels like I am not progressing.  I know that through the help of the Lord, we are able to do all things. I am trying to be more faithful!

I'm sorry Mom and Drew that you are both injured. What happened??
I'll definitely be praying for you everyday! I already do pray for you every single day, but now I'll have something specific to ask for! I hope you get better soon!

I'm glad that people are looking at my Blog Mom. Thank you for doing that! I do love my friends all so much - I hope they know that and I am grateful for the letters they gave me before they left! I've opened some of them! Lot's of friends here too! No Collin Nelson Mom, I don't think he comes in for another week! But we get to host again tomorrow!! Speaking of hosts, Elder Demars is outta here!! It was so great to see him and I was glad I got to say goodbye!!

The food is similar to the Cannon Center and it is good, though not nearly even within the same universe of goodness as yours Mom!! 
The pictures I sent are somewhat labeled, but there's also one of my good new friends Elder Staheli (funnniest man on the planet) and Elder Ray(from Australia - he's a dodgy bugger!) and Elder Bastian (the only Missionary speaking Hmong in the MTC! Going to Wisconsin...) They rock!! And also Elder Siddoway and I rocking our fourth of July colors!!

My district is so cool!!! Elder Siddoway and Elder Drew are so funny!! They make us laugh! But also Elder Scott and Elder Forston and Elder Palmer too!! Sometimes it's hard to focus when there are so many reasons to laugh!! They are so great though!! We're working hard together! I love our whole district!!

Elder Siddoway was given stitches after a run-in with Elder Scott's Elbow - tidak baik! (not goood!) but he's fine! We often have nerf gun fights that can get pretty intense and we sing in the showers together! It is a lot of fun!!! We have a great time doing olahraga(sports) and some of our elders can talk smack, but so far the Indonesian district has been able to back it up! Tons of fun! Also I've been practicing my rap skills in Indonesian of course to keep everything fun! I don't know if Brother Rawle(our teacher) was horrified or amazed! :)

I'm trying to work hard!! I think I could definitely improve- A LOT! I'm trying!! But I know the Lord has my back for sure! I have absolutely felt his comfort and strength lifting me up this week!! I learned so much about the Atonement, both from study and experience!! It is the most incredible thing. God's love for us and also Jesus Christ's love for us is so incredibly incomprehensible! But I am so grateful for it and so grateful that I get the chance to serve the Lord as I set out on these two years. I cannot wait to get to Indonesia and teach the people! I am already beginning to love them and I cannot wait to share the incredibly wonderful message of the gospel. I learned this week that Christ knows us each personally and so deeply and it amazes me that he still loves us after seeing all our of faults and sins and shortcomings. I am so grateful for the Atonement and the love of Christ!
We have had great experiences teaching our investigators- we just started teaching Joko and will soon teach Alfred ( who may or may not actually be our teacher). IT is incredible still how strong the Spirit can be as you trust in God and bear testimony of him.

This Gospel is true!!

 I love you all!!

Elder Trevor Brown