Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas from Malang

A testimony from Elder Brown

Elder Trevor Brown finally got his Christmas package.
I want you to know that I know this is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.  He loves and I love you.  I love you so so much. And I miss you.  But I know that here in Indonesia I am doing God’s work, Jesus Christ’s work, and I know he will support you in your life when you pray to him and ask.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve here in Indonesia.  I miss you all but I know if you pray to God you will receive and feel his love.  He loves you so much.  His Atonement is for each of you.  Individually.  Don’t worry.  Be Happy!  I testify of Jesus Christ that He lives.  In His name, Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Brown skyped with us on Christmas (Monday for him) and then went to the beach.  I am only guessing the picture below shows which Malang beach he visited. (Of course he did not swim since missionaries don’t go swimming).

Monday, December 19, 2016

Moving to Malang

Hello!!! How are you?? So jealous of Drew and Steph right now!!

So big news - I literally just got a call from President Rowley that I am being Emergency transferred to Malang... although it's probably not really an emergency - more like just an non-regular transfer. But that's kind of crazy - I can't really believe it... So I will be in the Jawa Timor (East Java) Zone. I don't even know how to leave Magelang or really how I am going to - I was told I will leave this Wednesday.... Crazy!!!!! I am going to miss Magelang and these people so so so much. But I'm going to be with an Elder Hansen who came into the MTC the transfer after me.... I don't even know what to think... I am kind of bummed because we got permission to hike Sumbing ( the huge volcano) but I can't anymore. But I guess that really doesn't matter all that much in the long run haha.

So this also means that I have no idea when or how I will skype you. I'm sure the Malang Elders will have a plan...
I'll ask President if he knows - we will meet with him in a training tomorrow in Jojga (which is a little weird since I'll be leaving the next day.) And apparently I have 4 packages waiting for me in Solo so I don't know how I'm getting those seeing as I am moving to a different Zone... Everything is really holding up great!! The only thing is my shirts get pretty dirty REALLY fast! That’s a hard one!
I will Pray for aunt Sabrina - Oh man you're absolutely right Mommy - Miracles are so possible with our faith,. I just love Aunt Sabrina so much.

Glad the ward party was awesome!! I almost saw the video from YouTube because Debby wanted to show me ... but we had no Wifi haha. I would have loved to hear the other guys' testimonies though!

This week has been so great!!! We've been working really hard and I also had the chance to go on Splits with both Elder Corey and Tracy - which was so fun!! I'll be sad to leave them!! One day Elder Corey and I gave away three Books of Mormon which is kind of unheard of so far in my mission! That was fun!! We've also met a lot of cool new people!!

H is so Awesome!!! HE is totally getting baptized on New Years!!! I'm so sad that I will have to miss it!! Man I'm going to miss these people so much!!!! The investigators and members here are so incredible!!!!!! There is no place like Magelang!!!! I feel like I will be very humbled when I get to Malang... hah I don’t even know - But I'm actually REALLY excited!!!! Double M-cities!!! Let's go!!!!
Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling
Man life here is just so incredible - I love you so much!!! Sorry for the lack of Stories if I have time I'll write more!!!!

LOVE YOU everyone!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! I love this season!!!! #lighttheworld CHRIST really is the reason for the season!!! I've learned a lot about his love recently!!!

Love you so much! Please share the love of Christ this Christmas season!!!

Elder Brown

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Little Trial of my Faith

Hello Everyone,
What earthquakes? 

I have had an up and down week but the end of it was so awesome!!! We had our huge open house for the new church on Saturday. It was so frustrating on Thursday because we had been working so hard to get this to happen and President Ari told us that afternoon that it wasn't going to happen because we didn't have permission from the Police yet (it's really hard to get permission for Christian things here sometimes) and that was like the most terrible thing ever because we were so excited and working so hard! On top of that we would have to track down as many as possible of the like 60 people we invited to tell them it wasn't happening. That was definitely a little trial of my faith this week. But Friday, he told us that the activity was back on - wahooo!!! It was so great on Saturday! We had 7 actual investigators come (just for our companionship alone!)

New baptismal font at the new church
One investigator showed up totally randomly to help on Friday and then showed exactly when it started Saturday. then he asked to talk to us (at this point we really hadn't taught him very much - he is a 18-year-old kid) and then he was like "I want to become a Christian" and we were like "we can help you with that bray" so anyways it was about 15 minutes into our open house and we give a baptismal commitment that was accepted!! It's set for the first of January!! Please pray for him!!!
Also President came to the open house (with like 3 other mission couples - SO many white people haha) and he also followed a lesson with us! so COOL!! he IS SUCH A powerful teacher!!! WOW! And we feel like it really made a difference!!!
Then four of our friends all came to church the next day which was AWESOME!! We actually only had an hour of church because of permissions from the government and stuff! Hopefully next week alll of it!!
But yeah it was awesome!! Thank you so much Daddy for your advice about four months ago to never ever listen to people that tell you that it's not possible to convert and baptize people in a place like this! I always think of those things you taught me when my faith is slipping!! Thank you, Daddy. 

I'm so excited for Christmas time here!! Even though it doesn't quite feel like a normal Christmas with no snow and no difference in Temperature ahaha. But Christmas is the BEST!! I love the church's new initiative "Light the World" #lighttheworld - it is awesome!!! I love the scripture in John 8:12 when the Savior tells us "I am the light of the World". It's true - Christ really does light this world and we can help him as we develop charity like him in our lives!!!
Love Trevor

Just a little wet here in Magelang

Thursday, December 8, 2016

God in Heaven is your Father!

Wow what a week!! Well that is a good way to describe every week! Haha :) Life in Indonesia is AWESOME! Though this week actually was a little rough. Our progressing investigators aren't really progressing and we didn't get any new investigators this week... So we just didn't feel all that successful... That's okay - we'll just work even harder next weeek!! 

Ibu E didn't make it to church so she will not be baptised on the eleventh which is a bummer others also didn't make it... in fact no one at all made it haha. That was a little depressing because we really tried so hard to get them to come!  I just know if they decide to act on the things we teach them, they will be so blessed!!! Elder Evans asked a very piercing question to us missionaries last week - he said "Do you actually really truly believe that this gospel is the things that will bring these people the greatest happiness?" I definitely had to stop and think about that. But after some thinking I realized that I do believe that - i know that God gave us this gospel so we can choose to live it and because we live it, we will be happy! I just know this is God's work!! I know he called me here so I could bring these blessings that come from living the gospel to the Indonesian people!

We're really excited for next week though! We will be in the new church for next week!! Wahoo!!! I'm so excited!! We have a really big open house planned for Saturday which we hope will go well!!! We're so excited!! The new church is so cool!! It even has a baptismal font which was a pleasant surprise!!! 

Sorry no great stories or anything in here today!! Shout out to my brother Drew turning 23 today :) Love you all and I just testify that even when things are hard - there is a God in heaven who is your Father who always loves you!!!

Elder BRown