Monday, October 24, 2016

Elder C from Tennessee and GO CV!

Hello everyone,

I am so good this week!! I killed my dad!! Haha in mission language that means I was the last companion for my trainer before he went home! But he did go home and we miss him but Elder Sukarlis and I were very excited to get two new companions. His new comp is Elder Corey... and mine is ELDER CRAVENS!! He's a really awesome guy! He's been out about a year and a half (actually exactly kemarin(yesterday)). It's really fun to work with him! He's really coool - although also a very unique guy! He's from Tennessee!

When he got here it suddenly felt like we had no one to teach at all! Haha. So we've been working really hard at Proselyting RT's. We basically go to an area and ask "Di mana rumah Pak RT?" so where is the Rt's house. Then we ask him where all the Christians live and he tells us their names and sometimes explains where they live and maybe even leads us to their house. By the way, everytime we knock, we say "Permisi" or Excuse me and knock really lightly, or bang our keys on the gate! So that's fun! We've gotten quite a few new people to visit and teach!

But yeah life is SO good! (Even though for some reazon this was like the longest week of my mission!) One funny thing that happened was were stopped to visit a referral from Pak RT, and we heard “Elder Elder" which is always exciting when someone actually wants to talk to us (and not just take a picture with the Bules (white people)). So we stopped. She started talking and I thought I understood, though I thought to myself "there's no way I'm understanding this right". SO long story short, she got really excited that Elder Cravens was from Tennessee. And she told that she wanted to go to America to find her parents - who were in fact Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe... But she only looked like an Indonesian because she had a stroke that turned her blonde hair Brown and her blue eyes brown, but you can still see a little blue (and her eyes "cannot lie"). And get this her name "Queen Mona Lisa Rosemary" and what else? She needs to go to America to get her inheritance. Because every time a product is marked with that trademark symbol "R" it actually stands for "Rosemary" and all belonged to her. And perhaps the craziest thing was she wasn't asking or money or anything- only prayers to help her get to America. Haha I don't mean to make fun or anything- but it was really funny!!! What an experience!
We had a visit from a bird, a roach and a rat.  i made myself a poncho case to carry it on my bike, so I don't forget it at home anymore.

Gunung Sumbing - Camera doesn't do it justice.
Andre Meme and Ezra were also confirmed with the Gift of the Holy Ghost this Sunday!! THat was super cool!! I am just so grateful for the Holy Spirit that can lead and guide us in all things- especially as a missionary!! I AM ALSO SO GRATEFUL for the Priesthood authority that we have to bless lives with things like the giving of the gift of the Holy Ghost. I truly know that through Joseph Smith, the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ had been restored to the Earth!! And I know that knowledge has blessed my life so much and can bless all of your lives as well!!! I love you all so so much!!

Elder Brown

Regarding news of the CV XC team - THat is so fantastic!!! Tell them all HI especially Corey and good luck to Ryan!! Can't believe Corey is home! That’s fantastic for CV- tell Ryan to tell them all good luck and I'm cheering for them!!

The new Elders are so fun Mom - love it!! The packages came... to MALANG ahhgg! But they'll get redirected here soon!!

I just love you so much Mommy!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Best use of a Hotel Swimming Pool

Hello everyone

Hey quick update before I read your emails!! This week had been really hard at times, but SO good!!! Yesterday was awesome!! We got to see Pak A and Ibu M and their  daughter baptized!!! Elder Boenari got to baptize E and he was so happy!!! They are so awesome!! Brother A and Sister M were both tearing up and obviously feeling the Spirit strongly!!! THAT WAS So great!! And the members were so supportive!!!!! So many came!! We started like right after church and then after a couple talks we took cars and a rented out Angkot to the Hotel Trio and had the baptism in the pool!! IT was so cool and the members were great!!

I also gave my first talk in Indonesian yesterday about families, after President Ari told me the night before! That was stressful and hard, but good!! So fun!!! 
'Later after the baptism, Elder Sukarlis and I were together, with E Boenari splitting with a member. WEe totally had a miracle. A couple weeks ago with the Zone leaders, a woman came up to us in Indomaret who we had seen earlier and asked us to visit her sometime. She was wearing a Hijab and her name was Ibu H. SO yesterday we didn't know what to do so we thought let's go visit her. She had told us the area and we knew it. Then we asked her neighbor which one was hers, so they pointed it out and said oh that's her husband right there! He was super friendly so we went in and there was a picture of Christ on the wall! When Ibu H came, it was Ibu H, but  a different Ibu H!!! So it was an "accidental" miraculous referral! They have four little ones and are awesome!!!!!
SO that was super cool!!
 Elder Boenari goes home on Wednesday.  I will get a new comp Elder Cravens, and Elder Corey for E Sukarlis (who is now District Leader) - I'm really excited!!!!

How was Hungary??? How is XC?? CV? Gabe? Ryan? And how is Alice doing??

Love you!!
Safe and happy!!!

If you can tell Rob I love him! I sent a postcard that will have to be forwarded to him in the MTC!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

October and Obedience Brings Miracles

Hello Everyone
Elder Brown was happy to get letters.
Oh I'm so excited for Conference- that will be next week for us!! And I think I will be able to watch in English, which will be better for me!!!
That's SO cool that Taylor got to sing in the choir and so cool that her Mom and Dad were watching!!!
So a little update on the work here!! We have the family EMA planning to be baptized on October 16th - they really are SO awesome!!!! Just keep praying for them!! Elder Sukarlis and Elder Dickey have 3 people on date- One who is fantastic!!! She has experienced some miracles for sure!! When Elder Drew and Elder Sukarlis contacted her in Alun -Alun she ran  away crying!! So we were riding as a threesome (me in back) and I heard "Elder Elder" well actually I heard "Elder Brown Elder Brown" though I'm not sure if that was the Spirit or she just saw my nametag... But we stopped and this girl ran up to me and the first thing she said was, "Where is Elder Drew?" Then she saw Elder Sukarlis(who didn't remember her at first) and long story short, he and Elder Dickey(the new Elder taught her the next day, and she is getting baptised!! She'd been to church two weeks in a row!! Miracle for sure!! When she came to church she said "It feeels like I just got a new family" It is SO important that every single member is ready and willing to welcome with open arms and wide smiles any one else who might come in or wander into their fold!! It can make all the difference!!! Also a new investigator named T who is really great!! I got to teach him with Elder Sukarlis and he is just so sincere- it's fantastic!!!! Also Pak M who can really only meet on Sunday's and I'm not quite sure the update on his progression! But we are definitely experiencing miracles here!!
This week was kind of crazy- I spent 6 days of the week with a companion other then Elder Boenari and 5 comps in one week. Elder Dickey had to go to the hospital in Jojya to get an MRI, so Elder Boenari went with him for two days and I was with E Sukarlis for two days(monday and thursday) and then we went on Splits with the Zone Leaders Tuesday and Wednesday. Elder kekulthota and Elder Dinuzzo. THat was so awesome!!! We worked really hard and had some cool experiences!! I really loved working with Elder Dinuzzzo - a convert of a couple years! He really helps me see with a good perspective!!! And helps me learn a lot - he's a deep thinker and just really puts more thought into things than I do!! He's super cool!! We had some miracles- our last action of the night- it was like 8:45 and  we were kind of like, well, I guess we can just go home... even though we didn't want to be there until 900 and we were going home and I just said, let's stop by Alfamart(which I had never actually been to before- I always go to Indomaret) a convenience store and as we walked in, we heard "Mormon" and we were like "Woah" because almost no one knows the word Mormon. and it was this guy who'd niece was going to BYU Hawaii but they weren't members!! Such a miracle!!! And it came from being obedient and searching for just one more contact before we went home!!! So cool!!
Now after the zone leaders- Elder Boenari and I have like 30 contacts/referrals from RTs to visit this coming week!! So awesome!! I think it will help Elder Boenari finish strong with so much to do!!!! Also I went to Solo with Elder Dickey yesterday to go talk to President who was there- which was great!! It sounds pretty likely that E Dickey will be going home for his Knee.... That's pretty sad!! Talking to President was awesome though!!! He is amazing, but his work is really hard right now- the mission's obedience level is pretty dismal in some aspects and President is trying to fix it!!!
I was also pretty sick yesterday but feeling much better!!!!

I have a burning testimony that the work I am doing in Indonesia is the work of God. Our Heavenly Father loves these people so so so much and he has called me to help them and bring them to Christ and Exaltation. It is really a humbling calling!!!! But I 'm trying! I know that the Lord Jesus Christ truly lived two thousand years ago and he truly lives again. He Atoned for the sins and trials and sicknesses and struggles of each and everyone of us!! I am so grateful for that blessing!!!
Love Elder Brown