Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Men are that they might have JOY!!

Oh I'm so glad you all made it down for Grandpa’s funeral! I wish I could have been there. I'm so glad that Grandma and dad are both doing well. That's so cool that they sent an honor guard and stuff!
How are Dal and Kayla doing?? They look good! When is Arianne's due date oficially????
Go Zags!!
I am really good Mom - I know why I'm here and President taught me that "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing" and I really need to work on that. If i remember the true reasons for me being here, I will be so much more patient, loving and understanding. But I'm good - always missing you!
YOu know what's crazy - my boy Elder Cravens goes home in two weeks - can't believe that! It seems not to long ago at all that he still had months to go! He's the man!
I got your letter Mom and thank you so much! Elder O is really awesome and we've been having a good time together.
PLD was really great this week - I learned a lot - I actually really like Surabaya and I really enjoy being with the Zone Leader and learning from their examples.
This week we challenged 6 or so of our investigators to be baptized - only one accepted - he(along with a good portion of our investigators) is from an Island which is part of a group of Islands called NTT which is to the East of Java. Our plan is to baptize all of our Sumban investigators and start the church is Sumba! Wahooo!! We're stoked for April - we've got big goals!
We also made delicious breakfast burritos - with our homemade shells - I'll send a picture if it works!
Speaking of good food (or not so good) this last Sunday and Saturday - the three bules (white people) in our house got sick throwing up and diarrhea - that was fun! We think it was some food we ate in Surabaya - but we're not sure! That was rough - but we'll be better and working hard again tonight!!
Man I really love you all! and this week I am loving the scripture 2 Nefi 2:25 "Adam fell that men might be and men that they might have joy"! I love the great Plan of Salvation from our Father in Heaven! Sister Rowley taught us because of this Plan - we always have a reason to be happy and joyous! Go study that plan a little more and make a commitment to be happier. If you don't know about that plan - ask one of your Mormon friends to explain - it is quite amazing!
I love you all!!!!

Elder Brown

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lizard on my head

Hello Everyone
Family - I am sorry I didn't really have time to read and respond to all your emails!

Mom I got your package - thank you SO much!! It is exactly what I wanted!!!
Kyle, Kendra I hope you had an amazing birthday because you both are amazing!
Just a few highlights from my week!
We went on Splits to Surabaya! It was way awesome!! Elder Harrison and Elder Day are incredible! We'll go there again this week for PLD or Zone Conferene with President! Exciting! In Surabaya had some adventures - invited some people to be baptized it was great!
We had a Movie night and watched Ephraims Rescue! It was way good and between us we had 13 investigators/nonmembers there! It was way good and two of them made it to church! That was great!!
This coming week, Elder Ostermiller and I are going to invite all of them and many more to be baptized! Wahoo!!!
I don't know if you got the picture of the lizard on my head - but that was when I was asleep _ I had no idea ahah! But don;t worry my comp came to the rescue - he took a cool picture and then... left it on my head haha! Great companion!

I just heard that Grandpa Brown died this week and that was really hard but I do know with all my heart that there is more to this world than just this life only. I know there is a God in heaven and He loves us and He has a beautiful plan of Salvation for us! 

The plan of Salvation is real! What am I  doing everyday but telling people that there is more to life than just being born and dying? I know that it is true and that we all can return to live with God again!  I know that it is true and that we will all gather together again after this life! I know that! I love you all! I pray for you each and everyday!

Monday, March 13, 2017

I know there is a God in Heaven

Hello Everyone - 
Not too much time - highlights:
hopefully the pictures I send will go through! It was so beautiful and I way loved it! It''s called "tiga warna" or "three colors" and also I can still do my backflip (proof in the pictures). i am way sunburnt!
2.Elder Ostermiller and I got drunk this week - (Mom you can choose to include this or not)
yes, that was a serious title. They gave us this drink that looked a bit like beer (but what do I know? I've never really been around beer or drunk it before).  As we were teaching, things were a bit fuzzy... haha. Elder Ostermiller poured us some water and said "drink this!" so I asked " am I drunk?" and he said I" I think so". After the lesson - we checked again and sure enough in the corner in tiny lettering that blended in, "alcohol +-2%" _ first time ever haha. Oh the experiences!!
Now for the real highlights!
We had three invesitigators at church - it was so great! And they are WAY cool!! this week and last we have met so many people from the eastern Islands of indonesia! and they are all way cool and some really potential investigators! This Saturday we're having a movie night and one is inviting TONS of her friends - it's awesome!!!

Also Thursday and Friday will be splits in Surabaya!
My friends and family!! Why am I here in Indonesia? Why am I not telling you all this in person! I know that there is a God in Heaven! We are his literal children and oh my goodness, how he loves us! Jesus Christ is our savior and his gospel has been restored - Now it is taught and found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! I know this to be true and because I love the people here, I want them to know it and be blessed by it too!! I love you all!

Elder Brown

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I love this message and I love you!!!

Hello to Everyone
I loved all of your emails! Unfortunately - barely any time to write!!! 
Sorry to my siblings that I didn't respond to!!
The week was hard but I saw some miracles (of course!! There are always miracles if you look for them!!!!)!

Life is SO good (as always)!!!!
I just wanna say that I am so proud of all of you that are trying to follow Jesus Christ!! Shout out to my boy Chase Galmeister going to the Ukraine to serve the Lord!!

I love you all - I testify that Jesus Christ and God the Father live!! I testify that they showed themselves to Joseph Smith and called him as a Prophet. I testify that through him they restored the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! I love this message and I love you!!! Gotta go!!!

Elder Brown

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