Monday, June 26, 2017

The Path to Eternal Happiness

Man those Nephites - what are they thinking??

Sounds like a great week! I'm so proud of you for doing all ... Elder Gasio says hi... the things you do to help and bless others' lives, even if it is just visiting someone's yard sale where no one else went. i love you! You are incredible!!

Go DADDY - of course he did a great job! I'm so proud of your work at the prison!

Actually I didn't know Drew asked President haha - President was very specific during Zone Conference that family visits were not allowed!
Biggest news is - we have someone getting baptized! This Saturday We are very excited!!

We had a great PLD last week and we will have MLC - Mission Leadership Council - this week! that will be great!

A lot of our investigators didn't make it to church which we were bummed about, but it was probably good, becuase Jakarta 3 (the english ward) was mixed with Jakarta 2 this week,so I had to translate for the Bules - that was hard haha! But fun!
We played Futsol with one of our investigators- it was fun and I was way not good and he was WAY good haha! So fun!

So we just had a great week! And really enjoyed teaching and meeting with other missionaries. We need to work harder next week but it's so great to see miracles happening!  I am excited because I know that baptism will begin a path of life, that while not easy will be FULL of happiness and joy! It is amazing to see someone changing and coming close to God and Jesus Christ and see the change and happiness in them! I know that God our Father truly cares about us, each and every one, and He desires to help us and to lead us on the path to eternal happiness, as we return to him. I love Jesus Christ and I know that through him we are truly able to change!!
I love you all so much!! While I miss you , I know the work I am doing is the work of God!

Love Elder Brown

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Beyond Blessed

This week was great!1 The birthday was great! Here in Indonesia, you buy other people stuff so I got all of us Martabak which is a incredibly delicious and fattening pancake/ cake thing!! It was great! Then the next say I had an awesome split with my good friend Elder Forston! He is awesome!!! We had some really cool experiences re-challenging our investigators to baptism!
Elder Subagio and I worked hard and met some cool people!!!
I just have such a testimony that the Gospel was created by a loving heavenly father to bless US. It blesses families. It strengthens families!!! 

There is nothing else in the world that will bless your lives greater than the teachings of Jesus Christ that have been restored to the Earth by His living prophets!
My family  has been beyond blessed by the gospel! I love Jesus Christ! I am serious I testify and teach so often about how the Gospel blesses families because I have seen it in ours!! I have such a testimony of how what our parents do and teach us can bless our lives for eternity.
I have challenged so many families to read the Book of Mormon and pray together as a family like the two of you taught me my whole life. Dad, you are just such an incredible example to me and you looked way good in that suit!! Happy Fathers Day!!!
And I love all of you!!

Elder Trevor Brown

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Atonement is All about Change

So this week was great!

Thank you EVERYONE for the birthday wishes - I will try to respond to them all - I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!
We started off well by destroying the other Elders and Sisters in Bowling! That was great!!! Got some free Es Buah (which is this delicious fruit soup stuff) for it!
We also got to take two new missionaries Elder Park and Elder Hart on splits for a couple days! I was with Elder Hart from the great state of California - it was super great! We had  a good time! He is awesome and was really brave even though his language is still new - I learned a ton from him. Haha i just about left him at the train station. I started running and he maybe didn't and I jumped on, then held the door, but got kinda shoved away from the door, so he jumped on and the door tried to close on him and I had to grab him and yank him in haha. It was pretty awesome!
We taught a lot of people this week! We had 6 people come to church which is miraculous in itself and it was relly cool - the members were great!! One member said "Elder, golden investigators." We had a really good lesson with one friend and he said "Is it really okay for me to baptized again??" so we taught him about the Restoration of the  Priesthood and authority of God and then said "So what do you think?"  I really hope the spirit testified to him in the moment. A lot of good progress with our simpatisans. I'm trying to see them and love them as God does.

This week we have an activity with the YSA in Jakarta to learn Sign language together to help support our investigator who is way cool!

I thought a lot about change this week! It's so sad that some people think they are the way they are or they are in the situation they are in and it can't be changed. But the whole reason for the Atonement is change! I just have this testimony that the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible to change and become better. I love something Steph taught me "It is never the worng time to be who you want to be" I know that we can change and that is an incredible gift in and of itself! I love you all - you are incredible!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Plowing Through It!

Life is so good Mom! Sorry I don't tell you a ton because I just have so many things to write!!  It's good to here that they still remember me in Liberty Lake!

Last Pday we rode tandem bikes to Taman Mini which is this huge park with a ton of cultural stuff there. But also because of Ramadan, a lot of it was closed!

So my investigators- a lot of them don't want to make commitments, but they're all such amazing children of God, It's a privilege to work with them! I love them!
One investigator is making really great progress. We were teaching and then he just went and explained everything a bout Joseph Smith and the Restoration and we were just like "WOW. I guess he has been understanding everything." That was way cool and we gave him a baptismal date for the 9th of July! That's cool! The hardest thing is getting people to come to church because that actually takes some work and commitment! But its really good too! The ward here is awesome! We'll just move forward with greater faith!

We need to put forth more effort and rely on the Spirit more! We have such great potential in Jakarta - it's incredible!!

I was sick all week but not too bad, just "plowed through it" like President Rowley says!
We rode a lot of trains and busses and walked a lot! 

I got my birthday package!! Thank you SO much! That is all incredible - especially the Summer Sausage! Incredible!

I love you so much!! 

Love Trevor